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    I like playing the guitar. Its one of my daily hobbies. I like cruising around with my friends when I am bored. I love listening to music. I listen to Rock, Acoustic, Dance, Electro, Pop.<br /><br />I love buying T-Shirts especially when It has funky designs on them. Two of my favorite brands would be "Affliction" and "Ed Hardy". I don't mind wearing bright colors =]<br /><br />I love playing Bowling and Billiards. I also like Table-Tennis, Basketball and Soccer. My favorite football teams are Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Intermilan
  1. a7med

    *Day 1*

    Hey Dan,I am keeping track of this blog because I really want to try Dan's Regimen and I am so interested. You did say that your face in the beginning was angry. I am guessing it was red and flaky? How long did this redness and flakiness last?My second question is, I finished accutane 2 months ago but I am still experiencing redness and breakouts sometimes (I had 2 breakouts in these total 2 months). I am starting to think that accutane hasnt worked for me =(I am keen to try this regimen. Do you
  2. Halfway through, my skin was 90% clear, but it was really red especially in the sun or in particular lighting such as white lights. I had a couple of blemishes but I rarely broke out during my 2nd-10th months of Accutane.
  3. Hi Daniel. Yea I guess its pretty normal to get the redness, flaking of the skin and itchiness in the 1st-2nd week. I also began with 20mg accutane and experienced the same symptoms in the 1st week. I also broke out in my 1st week so watch out for that. My Dr also prescribed me with some antibiotics to be taken for 3 days and some Fucicort cream to apply on the face. These both helped in reducing the breakout. Good luck and keep me posted with your results =))
  4. Welcome to my profile! Feel free to send me a message here on Acne.org or on my facebook account.


  5. Hi, My dermatologist prescribed me some antibiotics and some cream called Fucicort. They both really helped and I cleared up in approx. 3 days. I took the antibiotics 2 times a day and applied the Fucicort Day and Night before bed! Good luck!
  6. Hello! Im in a similar situation. I was on Accutane for about 10 months. Ive taken 20mg-40mg. I am 2 months over accutane and my face is pretty clear (Thank God). I just get random pimples sometimes and I still got slight blemishes. The only thing that is annoying is the redness. My face really gets red especially in the sun and in white lighting. Im not sure when the redness subsides. I read online that it takes approx. 6 months for accutane to leave your system. I also broke out 1 month after
  7. Hey! Ive finished from accutane 2 months ago but still have a couple of small pimples which kinda seem like Acne now =(. But ur skin still looks beautiful. Ur pretty as well =D. I hope ur new medication works out well! Good luck =))

  8. Try using this cream called Fucicort. Ive been using it after I finished accutane for the tiny pimples/slight acne and it really helps! Good luck buddy
  9. Hello! I have been on a low dosage of Accutane 20mg a day. I had mild acne.However, I wasn't able to finish in 6 months, i was on Accutane for about 10 months. So im guessing Its ok for you to take 10mg but you'd be on the pill for more than 6 months.
  10. UAE is great. It was really cold and rainy and foggy but its all clear for the past few days. I guess summer came early!

  11. Hello Joss! Welcome to Acne.org

    I am interested to read your blogs and this regimen you are talking about. Is it by any chance Accutane?

  12. Hello there! Thx for stopping by =)

  13. Hello! Well, I have been taking 20mg-40mg of Accutane for 10 months. I finished on 19th Jan 2010. After a month and a couple of weeks, i kinda broke out. I went to my dermo and he prescribed me some antibiotics and this Fucicort cream. He told me that its too early to decide whether he should put me on another cycle coz its only been a month or so. After 3 days of taking antibiotics and Fucicort cream, my face really cleared up. However, 2 weeks after, I am startin to get small pimples and Im s