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  1. Good luck amentola33,hope it works, for the falling eyebrows , i am facing the same..so don't worry,accutane dries all
  2. Thank you sarah oliver & siava sarah:It's very hard bot to pick them up , they're ugly, and i feel all people looking at them but i'll try to handle myself Siava:you made me lugh with the SANDPAPER thing, it's the best description i think. so i have nothing but to hope that these blackheads will never come back Bye for now
  3. Hello all i have a question for "post taners", &/or for those under tane. I started isotretionoin on the 15th of march, therefore i'm in week 4,i have loads of black heads on my nose and on my chin.they are becoming more obvious, and drier..Does anyone know if accutane will remove them all? and will they come back after the course? Please i need your help, i hate them so much, and i am afraid they'll stay or come back,( they are WIDE pores), and i am sure anyone who knows anything about it w
  4. i really appreciate your support, i'll searcg for it:) so sweet from you
  5. thank you so much for replying, my doc said it's a belgium version of roaccutane, but i wanted to ask if you know anyone using it, and if it has the same efficiency like tane? Have a nice day
  6. hello does anyone know anything about my question???????
  7. hi there.. i am happy for you that you took your decision to go for accutane..for me i was struggling with acne since i was 12, knowing that i am 28 now!!!! everytime my dermo tells me that my skin is not THAT bad,i used all kind of topical solutions and antibiotics, till last october, i had bad acne and started a new treatment with antibiotics and topical ISOTREXIN, i was on this till january, 4 months, my acne was cleared a bit, but as soon as i stopped,on march,my acne returned, more agressi
  8. hello i read all your post, it's interesting, and thank ya for updating your progress, so we'll know that what we're passing on with isotretion is quite normal. keep up the high spirit!!!!!you're doing gr8 and hope for the best, and it will come, so hope tha for your show your skin will look prettier and healthier..and what i've noticed that with tane the breakouts heal faster than ever.. i am on isotretion ( isosupra 16 ,other version of roaccutane), week three, i am 56 kg, taking 2 capsule
  9. something strange happens too, i have runny nose,.... runny nose and some bleeding! as long as i am using tissues from the morning, all my nose and under is dry, it's the worst.. and it hurts a lot.. i'l tell you what will happen with me, because it surprises me, it should be dry as you said, not runny nose!
  10. i started on 15th march, i have dry lips, and my skin started to be dry too, i use lipbalm, moisturizer, sun block , and my cleanser is prescribed by my dermo, AGERA. it's gentle and especially for who are taking accutane. good luck
  11. hello hope you're progressing well.. yes, i moisturize well, and using tons of lipbalm.. i have something strange today, my noise bleeds a little bit.. do you know anything about it or did you hear about anyone faced this ?
  12. wish u luck with your pills,i am on isosupra ( like roaccutane ) and started having dry lips, and somehow a dry skin.. so we are in the same path now? let us know your progress
  13. hello perrine i am happy that your face is much cleared now, and hope to progress for your back i am taking isosupra for 2 weeks now, ( my dermo says it's like roaccutane ) but i have concerns about it, i am afraid that my face will not improve, or it will return if it cleared up.. my lips are dry, and my hair is less oily, my face started to be dry, but still with breakouts.. any advices? !
  14. hello. i am a 28 years old, and i am facing acne since i was 12, i am a mother of 2 kids, and still facing this problem with my skin, every year i go to my dermo, i took different medications, each time, it becoms better then it shows again, last time, 2 weeks ago the dermo advised me to take isosupra 16, 2 tablets per day, he said theat it's a new version of isosupra but with less side effects, i'll be taking it for 5 months, my face is becoming better, drier, still i have some pimples.. does a
  15. Hi all, i want to ask you if anyone is going on isosupra 16? or have already tried it? i am on it now since 2 weeks, and i want to ask if anyone had the experience with it? when will i see improvement in my face?