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  1. It's heart breaking what we who have acne have to go through each and every day, it takes an enormous amount of courage and faith in ourselves to go out of our homes every morning,go to school or work let alone giving a speech in front of 1,000 people without make up,I deeply respect the girl for carrying out that speech despite the fact that she was ridiculed in public,in fact I have respect for each and everyone of us who experience this on a daily basis....
  2. I feel the exact same way,I know that having clear skin wouldn't make my problems fade away, and the truth is when the acne is finally gone I will find myself a new set of problems to complain about, but having clear skin will definitely change my life to the better,even in my current situation when my skin shows the slightest improvement I tend to be a more confident,social and outgoing person and to my surprise a happier person, so imagine what 100% clear skin would do
  3. same here, hopefully they will become history eventually,just don't ever lose hope and never stop trying,because the moment we stop trying is the moment we've lost hope
  4. What drives and keeps me going despite my unfortunate skin condition is my love of medicine and the hope that someday I will become a world renowned neurosurgeon,thus I work and work and work so hard to be the best in my field ,though I was never the best when it came to skin ....
  5. I actually was thinking of writing a book or an article about my acne experience called "silent sufferers"......
  6. Yes i do feel inferior especially to the other beautiful cleared skin girls and especially if there is a guy I like and I feel like I don't stand a chance ,but you know what,as much as it bothers me I know what I'm worth and what a great person I am. I've been blessed with so many wonderful things in my life,those girls may have clear skin but that's pretty much it, I've learned to embrace what I have and to count my blessings because no one has what I have and no one will will ever be me as t
  7. Not having the courage to look myself in the mirror ,my fear of the sun,being ''THE GIRL WITH ACNE" in virtually every event or gathering I go to ,dreading being looked at by the opposite sex (especially if it were a guy I liked ),feeling inferior to the other pretty girls with clear skin,how applying foundation doesn't make your skin look flawless rather it simply makes you look like you applied foundation over your acne (if you know what I mean) , how sometimes you feel so pathetic when you w
  8. You are 100% right I try to ''appear'' confident as much as I can ,but it's kinda difficult to be confident in front of others when you lack the confidence to even look at yourself in the mirror (sad but true)...
  9. Physically: eyes and lips i,e big juicy lips lol personality wise:my kind heart and my love of helping others
  10. I'm seriuosly considering a chemical peel ,do you guys think that'll work?
  11. So I'm 20 years old and I've been suffering from acne for the past 8 years or so. I never really seeked help for my acne ,not because it didn't bother me but because I never actually knew that there was a cure,as everyone told me that you can only grow out of acne. Three years ago I started to get fed up with my appearance and the miserable life I was living and finally decided to seek medical attention.I went to two dermatologists over a period of two years or so and both prescribed the usual a