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  1. So I've been on the regimen for about two weeks now. I use the bacne regimen and after the first few days, I started to feel my back become a lot dryer, with flakiness occuring. My back also itches like mad after I put on that AHA+. I was wondering if this is normal? If it is, what else should I use? I've been reading about using certain moisturizers, but I don't know which one is a good product to use. So can someone recommend one to me?
  2. Well I don't think the acne is there anymore just a lot of red marks. I've had them for a few years now and I've tried a ton of different products. My mom used to squeeze them, not knowing that it'd just make things worse but she's stopped about 3 years now. Not exactly the best thing to have done but neither of us knew better and I never had access to information like this website. Alright well, leaving the dumb move on my part aside, I have a lot of red marks left over from the acne and I don'