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  1. Slinker, I told you you should try Vanilla! Vanilla extract that is. It's supposed to dry out your skin and it smells like awesome. It's also great for coldsores to! See u Friday! Paree
  2. I know exactly how that is HaLLa! I mean my sister has a great complextion. And somedays she is like. I have this hug zit on my forhead! And I'm like Looks whos talking!!!!! And to me! I don't like it cuz she likes to rub in the fact that she has good skin. She is in front of the mirror all the time. And when I stand next to her I feel totally unimportant. But thats how it is in my household...it always has! :roll:
  3. Hey Slinkers!!!!! You like this site its pretty sweet eh? May the Chief be with ya! See u Friday! 8)
  4. I have been struggling with acne since I was in the 6th grade. It is now 6 years later and I still have major problems with my face but it's not as a big deal as it used to be. I have friends who know exactly know how I feel and it's great to know we can pass on great acne secrets! :wink: I've used everything imaginable! From Proactiv to Pure Zone. But I am not giving up because I know that somewhere out there is a cure for me! I just got to keep looking. In the mean-while I have been in Theat
  5. Thax for the tips everyone. Yeah I gave the PureZone to my brother. Does anyone know what could dry out my pimples in a few weeks? I am taking my senior picture next month. Any advice? Home remedies that worked for you? Let me know!
  6. Hey vanilla extract helps dry out those pimples and it smells good! It's also really good for cold sores. Or anything that needs drying. :wink: good luck!
  7. I used a product with salicytic acid in it and it made my skin so much worse! Probably because I have sensitive skin but i am not sure.
  8. My skin is really picky. Like I will try something and it will make my skin really worse! :?: I tried Proactiv for a while and it was ok but when i ran out of money to buy it my skin was worse then before i used it. Then recently I tried PureZone from Loreal and now its the worse my skins ever been. I am almost 18! I just want me acne to go away!!!!! Someone help me!