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  1. Hi Everyone. You might notice Acne.org looks and acts slightly different than the last time you were here. That's because we uploaded a new site foundation last night. It should be faster and better, but... ...there are still a few bugs we are ironing out. If you find any yourselves, feel free to post them here for us as well. Thanks!
  2. Hey you guys. We just uploaded the latest version of the community software. Basically that means things should work faster and better, but there may also be some bugs. A few bugs that we already know about are: - likes aren't working right now (we're on it) - youtube video link isn't working right now (we're on it) - sorting in gallery and blogs by title is doing Z-A instead of A-Z But other than that, if you find any bugs, please reply here and let us know and we will add it to the list
  3. Well that's embarrasing We are aware of that though. I cringed when I first saw it. We'll fix it with the next round of labels. I appreciate your feedback!
  4. Dan

    Poll.New Design Better or Worse?

    Hey you guys. I hate to hear so many negative things. I want the site working great and getting better and better. I know we have some outstanding issues right now and we are fixing them as fast as we can. Please try to be patient. We are a small team and we're fixing everything we can as quickly as we can. Please contact us with your suggestions, or post them here, and we will get them on the list. If you can take screenshots so we can better understand what your'e seeing, that's the best wa
  5. Hi Everybody. We've been working on a new site design and it's up! This is a beta launch, so you'll probably find problems here and there. If you find any, definitely let us know (choose "Site suggestions/feedback" option) and we'll put them in a list to fix. Also stay tuned for tons of great new info on the site. I've been working for a while now with an incredible team of doctors and PhDs and we have been learning about everything acne. I'm excited to share all this new information with y
  6. Very often I hear from people who said the reason they decided to try The Regimen is because they went through the success stories. Another thing people ask me a lot is how they can help spread the word. Probably the best thing you can do to spread the word about The Regimen is to post your own success once you are cleared up. A video is best, but a before and after, or even just an after picture, is also awesome. A simple written success story is great too. Please take a moment to post yo
  7. There is no solicitation allowed on Acne.org, so we carefully look at any requests for Acne.org members to volunteer for things. In this case, I have spoken to the researcher and it appears to be a legitimate study with no financial component that is furthering our understanding of acne. So, I told Lee, the person needing volunteers, I would post this for him. So, without further ado, here it is. _____ Hello everyone! I am a postgraduate student studying my Masters degree in Clinical Psy
  8. Updated with all the latest research: Asian Black Latino White
  9. Hey Adeel2111, I have on my list to do a specific article on Indian/Pakistani skin. I realize this is a hole we currently have. Thanks for adding your voice.
  10. I've been updating content on acne.org to reflect all of the very latest science. Here's the completely updated alcohol and acne page.
  11. Dan

    Still no improvement

    Hi guys. I wanted to chime in here. We do not have definite proof of anything. To be honest, I may have handled this the wrong way and I feel bad. I am extremely protective of this site and had a knee jerk reaction to a moderator potentially violating my trust. However, I believe strongly in being innocent until proven guilty and I should have reached out to beautifulambition and done all the investigation I could have done before taking action. I am looking more deeply into this now but I do
  12. Dan

    Disappearing Hormone Post?

    Thanks guys. I'll let the team know to take a look under the hood.
  13. Please write support@acne.org and they will take good care of you.
  14. Dan


    I agree with CP. Let's pin the fewest topics possible. Having too many pinned topics at the top is distracting. I like keeping the boards as clean as possible.
  15. Dan

    FAQ and big post seems to be broken

    Thanks you guys. I'll have my guys look into this.
  16. Hey you guys. So you're saying you want to be able to block people from PMing you and also from seeing their content? Just wanted to clarify that this is the 2 things you're recommending. Question: - Wouldn't that end up making threads show up as swiss cheese for you? Would you still be able to follow along with holes in threads like that? If we did this, I suppose I could set it up for you so it would still be visible that they posted something but it would just have no content and woul
  17. Dan

    Shipping prices

    Sometimes the prices are wacky like that. We list prices from least to most expensive, and we get them directly from the carriers. We don't set those prices ourselves. For whatever reason, sometimes faster methods are cheaper than slower methods. Sorry for the confusion. Everything is showing up correctly for you though. I will put this on my list of things to look more deeply into moving forward and see if I can figure out a way of making this less confusing.
  18. Hi Fila__, Thanks for bringing this up. We don't currently discount custom kits so that's the confusion here. However, you make a good point. We should discount custom kits. I'll work with my guys to implement a similar discount on custom kits that we give for regular kits.
  19. Hey you guys. My shipping team wanted me to reach out to our International customers to see what we can do to improve your experience with shipping Acne.org products to you. Please let me know: Your country Your suggestion(s) We really want some feedback to serve you guys better, and they have told me that they put aside a Big Kit Plus for the best answer Cheers. Dan
  20. Hi you guys. I never thought I'd say this, but my programming team is almost caught up with stuff. So, do you guys have suggestions for improvements to current functionality or suggestions for new stuff you'd like to see on acne.org? Think small or think big. I'd like to hear anything you have to say.
  21. Dan

    Delivery Time.

    Products take as long as it states when you are ordering. There are different methods you can choose for delivery and depending on the method it will take a different amount of time. I hear you with the holiday though. I ordered some stuff online too and I hate waiting that extra day!
  22. Dan


    Hi Mamaafrica, Try ordering in "incognito" or "private" mode and see if that works. Sometimes there's a problem with the browser. If that doesn't work, let us know for sure. A screen shot of what you're seeing along with the device and browser you are using would be helpful.
  23. Dan

    Help me answer this question, please!

    So embarrassing you guys. Our label manufacturer misprinted the word "Moizturizer" on the 3.4 ounce bottles. We noted it and have them rerunning labels for the next fill. However, I would strongly caution against purchasing products anywhere other than acne.org. They could be counterfeit.
  24. Dan

    Why does my order not go through?

    Hi Allie, Normally that error is returned when your internet connection is very slow. Please try again. If you still receive the same error, contact customer service at support@acne.org and let them know the device and browser you are using and they'll help you out.