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  1. That's good you haven't tried to squeeze them. Have you seen a dermatologist about it? They have skilled ways sometimes of diagnosing exactly what's going on and tools that might help.
  2. It's actually a good time to start to combat the irritation from masks. I have tried every possible mask and I like the disposable blue surgical masks. I have found them to be the least irritating.
  3. Have you tried the regimen? It works for almost everyone who follows it precisely.
  4. That's a good question. If you do decide to try it, post pics please and let us know how it worked.
  5. The best bet is to get the acne under control so you prevent future marks. Tried the regimen? That's my best advice. Since your acne is so light it should work quickly and once you're clear you can use less treatment most likely.
  6. Just looks like light-to-moderate acne to me. Have you tried the regimen? I've seen it clear up people like you really fast.
  7. Have you tried the regimen? It clears up cases of inflammatory acne like yours really well.
  8. First and foremost, you want to get your acne under complete control so you're not scarring any more. My best advice is the regimen. Once you're completely clear, you can find an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon who specializes in scar repair. But you need to get your acne under control first.
  9. Most importantly you want to get your acne under complete control. It looks like you still have some acne from what I can see. My best advice is the regimen. And then, as far as marks go, keeping them out of the sun and practicing patience. They fade with time.
  10. Hey you guys. I started using a more concentrated licochalcone, which is more expensive, but allows the moisturizer and AHA to be less yellow. It's still in there at the full 0.1% though. As far as other changes, there is natural variation from batch to batch, and the viscosity can change depending on the weather (hot or cold) where you are.
  11. A few things: Leave it alone. Don't pick at it. Keep it out of the sun. Try to be patient. It should fade with time. Can't hurt to take some fish oil (I take 4-5 pills per day), which can help with healing.
  12. Pigmentation like this usually fades with time. Hopefully yours will as well. Keeping it out of the sun is important, but you probably already know that. On a positive note, I would just think that's a mole. Lots of people have them and they look fine and just add character. But even so, it should slowly fade away over time.
  13. This looks like hyperpigmentation to me. Rosacea only afflicts people over 30. I don't know your age but you look well under 30. Let us know how things go.
  14. I have not been closely following this thread, but wanted to respond to this in particular. Absolutely not, I have never endorsed any doctors of any kind. I am not affiliated with any companies, doctors, or products whatsoever. If you ever hear that from anyone other than me, be extremely suspicious.