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  1. Wow! That's cool to hear. Makeup can contribute to acne, so it's interesting to hear this.
  2. Scarring is normally a genetic thing. Some people have a prolonged inflammatory reaction and end up scarring. Isotretinoin has very little evidence behind it for how it affects scarring, so whether that is affecting it or not is really unknown. Mostly what you can do is what you're doing...don't pick. But also, you can take fish oil, which can help with wound healing (as long as your doc is ok with it while you're on isotretinoin), and you can also keep your skin where it's sca
  3. Normally a combination of treatments will be used. In your case, a guess would be subcision with a combination of either fractional laser or a chemical peel. However, what's most important is you find a specialist you can trust who is very experienced specifically in acne scar removal and see what he/she says, and stay your own advocate the whole time.
  4. At first glance, this doesn't look like acne to me. Find a derm and see if you can get a proper diagnosis.
  5. It's tough to say what might be causing the issue. But you're right, it's not hormonal if you're on oral contraceptives. Have you taken the quiz yet? That can help you at least make sure you're on the right track with things. Then, if you suspect any product, you can stop using it, but try not to get too attached to the fact that it's one particular product. There are so many variables in life that it's hard to nail it down sometimes. From a cursory look at those product websites, they
  6. I would put a counterpoint to this, which is that whenever you eliminate things, you might just be lowering calories, which could help you clear up and confuse you with what's actually helping. To really know if a food or type of food is affecting acne, you'd have to keep calories constant.
  7. I'll be curious what your doctor says. To me it looks like run of the mill acne. Couple things to keep in mind: 1. Don't overwash it. It's tempting to scrub acne away, but be super gentle with it. Wash no more than twice per day. 2. Dryness doesn't necessarily mean you have low oil. Dryness is water retention in the skin, and is different from oiliness of the skin. If your doc says it's regular acne, the regimen should clear it up well. I've seen acne like that respond quic
  8. There are many procedures that may help. In some states, elective procedures are back, so you could perhaps start inquiring about it. What's most important is finding the right qualified professional to help you out. It looks like you have a few boxcar scars, and sometimes subscision can help with those, or maybe subcision plus laser. But your doctor can help lead you in the right direction. Educate yourself and then find the right practitioner and proceed carefully and stay your own advoca
  9. I would try a different moisturizer. While the healing properties of cerave are nice, I have gotten reports from people that they didn't like how it affected their skin in other ways.
  10. It's hard to see anything much in those pictures but I believe you that there is something there that's bothering you. Perhaps a little subsicion would help? I bet you could get away with a simple procedure for that and get a little improvement that you'd be happy with. Educate yourself and then find a trustworthy scar specialist to help you out. And err on the side of doing less, not more.
  11. I don't think I've seen research on light therapy and hyperpigmentation. Lasers can cause hyperpigmentation in darker skinned people, but I don't know about light therapy. I doubt it though. Even laser therapy is relatively safe, and light therapy is less invasive. If you find any research on this, please post a link here so we can all have a look.
  12. Your skin is looking great. It's usually best to do as little as you can to achieve results. Phenol peels are pretty hardcore, so ask your specialist if that's worth the risks. It looks like you've done a great job so far. Keep us posted on what you do and your results please. And proceed with caution. You are looking so good it would be terrible to see complications from a procedure that is too invasive at this point. Also remember that scars tend to fade with time a bit. Perhaps it's
  13. They look minor from that picture. Leave them alone and hopefully they will fade away. You look Caucasian from what I can tell, which means they will likely fade more quickly than if you were another ethnicity. I'd say give it a month. Most important is to leave them alone. Then, keep them out of the sun as well. That can help the marks fade more quickly.