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  1. Call or visit your doctor immediately I would say. It's your face, so don't mess around.
  2. Looks dermatitis-ish to me at least. My article on it here. Probably not seborrheic since it's not scalp. A derm would hopefully be able to give you a proper diagnosis.
  3. Before you try accutane, have you tried the regimen? Unless your acne is severe and widespread, you might want to give it a shot before doing accutane, which will permanently for the rest of your life, change your skin and body. It's a huge decision. Just don't want you jumping in before you tried the regimen.
  4. Is the redness slowly subsiding at least? Was it this red 1 year ago? I don't see white striations so not sure what you mean by that part.
  5. I haven't heard this before but it's interesting. I don't have any references off the top of my head but now I'm curious. If you can google a bit and post any references you get that would be awesome. You can also check pubmed.
  6. That looks like it could be a reaction to a product, so you might be on the right track. Unfortunately, sunscreens are almost all really tough. I've had only a few I have ever liked and they are all discontinued now. Which sunscreen are you using and what are its ingredients? Feel free to run it by me here. That's a good place to start. Then find something different.
  7. Most important is to prevent them, so you want to make sure your acne is cleared up. Then you can embark on hyperpigmentation treatments.
  8. Sure it's not acne? It looks like acne at first glance. Have you treated it as acne before? I wonder if the regimen would take care of it. If it's acne, it should reliably clear it up.
  9. For what it's worth, as a layman, it looks exactly like I would expect for 5 days after a procedure like that. The fact that it is lightening up is a really good sign too. As far as the research goes, while there have been isolated cases of long-term hyperpigmentation after subcision, it is less likely than with other procedures like laser or chemical peels. In other words, I bet you'll be fine in no time. Just stay patient.
  10. Subcision on average produces modest results. Based on my research on all available studies, 79% of people got at least a 25% improvement. So, that's not overly impressive, but it reliably helps a bit at least. I think you're right to be cautious. If you only have 2 scars, why do your whole face? I see that logic. Perhaps a combination of subcision and some kind of natural filler (like your own fat) might be warranted. That's what I would personally look into if it were me. Something non-in
  11. Little hard to see what's going on, but subcision and fillers on average usually produce a moderate response, so I'd say 50% improvement is realistic. However, make sure you're under the care of a really good derm or cosmetic surgeon. See if you can do it right the first time so you get the results you want. Get a few opinions is what I always recommend. It's your face. It's too important to leave to chance.
  12. Got a pic? I would have the same worry. It may end up sunken in. However, my other worry would be "what it it?" Are you sure it's a cyst? Are you sure it's not going to cause problems down the road? Ever had a doc look at it?
  13. What a good question. This is one of those questions where I'm like "how have I not heard this before?" I found a few MDs answering the question here, but please note that I am simply sending you to a link that I googled. I do not know for sure and have not done the research myself yet: https://www.realself.com/question/tel-aviv-il-led-light-therapy-apply-benzoyl-peroxide-gel-25-night
  14. Any reason why you are doing spiro instead of oral contraceptives? Brain fog is no joke.