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  1. Hi Everyone. You might notice Acne.org looks and acts slightly different than the last time you were here. That's because we uploaded a new site foundation last night. It should be faster and better, but... ...there are still a few bugs we are ironing out. If you find any yourselves, feel free to post them here for us as well. Thanks!
  2. Well that's embarrasing We are aware of that though. I cringed when I first saw it. We'll fix it with the next round of labels. I appreciate your feedback!
  3. Hey you guys. We just uploaded the latest version of the community software. Basically that means things should work faster and better, but there may also be some bugs. A few bugs that we already know about are: - likes aren't working right now (we're on it) - youtube video link isn't working right now (we're on it) - sorting in gallery and blogs by title is doing Z-A instead of A-Z But other than that, if you find any bugs, please reply here and let us know and we will add it to the list
  4. Dan

    Poll.New Design Better or Worse?

    Hey you guys. I hate to hear so many negative things. I want the site working great and getting better and better. I know we have some outstanding issues right now and we are fixing them as fast as we can. Please try to be patient. We are a small team and we're fixing everything we can as quickly as we can. Please contact us with your suggestions, or post them here, and we will get them on the list. If you can take screenshots so we can better understand what your'e seeing, that's the best wa
  5. Hey Dan, I was wondering can I use Apple cider vinegar as a toner while on the Regimen

    1. also where is scarless healing? Why did you change the site? it was so much better before. Seriously the font is like 8 pt and very light. its impossible to comfortably read

      1. Dan The font on the new site is WAYYYYYY TOOOOO SMALL and very difficult to read easily. Please change it to a bigger and darker font

        1. Hi Everybody. We've been working on a new site design and it's up! This is a beta launch, so you'll probably find problems here and there. If you find any, definitely let us know (choose "Site suggestions/feedback" option) and we'll put them in a list to fix. Also stay tuned for tons of great new info on the site. I've been working for a while now with an incredible team of doctors and PhDs and we have been learning about everything acne. I'm excited to share all this new information with y
        2. SRHT

          Dan, how perfect is your skin?

          1. There is no solicitation allowed on Acne.org, so we carefully look at any requests for Acne.org members to volunteer for things. In this case, I have spoken to the researcher and it appears to be a legitimate study with no financial component that is furthering our understanding of acne. So, I told Lee, the person needing volunteers, I would post this for him. So, without further ado, here it is. _____ Hello everyone! I am a postgraduate student studying my Masters degree in Clinical Psy
          2. Hey Adeel2111, I have on my list to do a specific article on Indian/Pakistani skin. I realize this is a hole we currently have. Thanks for adding your voice.
          3. Updated with all the latest research: Asian Black Latino White
          4. I've been updating content on acne.org to reflect all of the very latest science. Here's the completely updated alcohol and acne page.
          5. Dan

            Still no improvement

            Hi guys. I wanted to chime in here. We do not have definite proof of anything. To be honest, I may have handled this the wrong way and I feel bad. I am extremely protective of this site and had a knee jerk reaction to a moderator potentially violating my trust. However, I believe strongly in being innocent until proven guilty and I should have reached out to beautifulambition and done all the investigation I could have done before taking action. I am looking more deeply into this now but I do