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Proactiv Solution X Out
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Brand: Proactiv Solution

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Proactiv Solution X Out


Active Ingredient:
8.5% Benzoyl Peroxide,

Inactive Ingredients:
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Linoleic, Linolenic Acid (Vitamin F Forte), Tocopherols, Polyethylene, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Menthol.

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Proactiv Solution X Out

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Proactiv Solution X Out

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Contains Bleach!!!
Reviewed on January 25, 2016

On the bottle it says it may bleach died stuff. but actually it MOST CERTAINLY will bleach everything it touches. I got the smallest little dot of this stuff on my towel when i was drying my hands and EVERY single one of my towels came out of the wash lookin like acid wash jeans. You have to wash it all off in the sink when you use it, and if you don't, use a paper towel and throw it away immediately afterwards. One time i set the paper towel down on a pink piece of paper and within 10 minutes, there was a white dot in the center of the piece of paper because the x out sucked all the pink pigment out. If you want to do this to your skin, so be it... but im not gonna use this product again.

"It Works Better Than Proactive'
Reviewed on January 21, 2016

I had used proactive for 3 weeks but then i decided it was to much to put on. So my dad go me X out one step and it works way better. I've been using X out for a month now and i've gotten better results. It's easier to use and you will see better results faster!

Yet to come!
Reviewed on January 11, 2016

OK, My parents and I are pretty mad. I ordered this on December 16 of 2015! And It's January 10th and I still have yet to get it! I really hope this is worth the wait.

by MoniqueUnique on 03/06/2016 00:26
why give it 3 stars then? :-/
by Nyvster on 06/02/2016 13:53
LOL enjoy the wait... Ive been waiting since last summer dear. 0 STARS!
Tailor use to your skin!!
Reviewed on January 8, 2016

If you have dry skin use it once a day and put on 1-2 coats of moisturizer.

If you have oily skin this product is probably safe to use morning and night with moisturizer.

If you have normal skin you should probably go light at first to get your skin adjust then you can use it 1-2 a day, whatever you prefer with moisturizer.

Of course don't use the mask until you know the product is safe on your skin and start with applying the cleanser for only 30 second to a minute.

Just be smart about using it and it will work.

Insulted and disappointed
Reviewed on January 1, 2016

I am completely insulted by the Zendaya Coleman X out commercial. In the before and after pictures, this commercial shows individuals suffering from a mild form of acne going through an "EXTREME" transformation to clear skin. What is actually shown is images of EXTREME pigment alteration. Sure, freckles, moles and laughlines have been airbrushed out, but skintone being drastically altered, implying that darker skintoned black girls or pinktoned white boys are unacceptable as they are. This is just down-right, infuriatingly wrong! I will never support such imagery or subiliminal messages being sent to our youth and the rest of society. It is imagery, such as this, that causes unnecessary insecurities. We need to be more aware and mindfull of what messages we are sending, especially to our very impressionable youth.

by Tellit on 01/25/2016 04:17
I'm mexican, with olive tan skin, and I was using x out for a while. Until it literally started to alter my skin tone. I didn't realize it at first but X Out actually has beach in it, and a lot more than it says on the bottle. I wiped off my spot treatment once with a pink post-it note because I was in a rush to answer the door, and after about 10 minutes, i looked back at the post-it note and the x out had sucked all of the pigment out of the paper and what was left was just a white dot in the center. So I think it's safe to say that this product can have the same affect on skin pigment too if you use it often enough, and that's why I stopped using it!!
by MoniqueUnique on 03/06/2016 00:28
@ tellit.....yeah because paper and skin are Exactly alike. Have a seat over there.......but way over there.
by SarahBelle on 05/14/2016 07:43
@MoniqueUnique, do you know anything about skin? It's incredibly fragile, porous and thin. Your pores act as a very short and easily penetrable doorway from the surface of your skin to the deeper layers. Tellit has the right idea and honey YOU need to go study up on how your skin works. Or go ahead and keep putting bleach in your body. Lmao.
by Nyvster on 06/02/2016 13:52
Well yeah its called "advertising" goal to market maximum sales by using celebs who never struggled with acne in order for naive persons like us to run and buy it. well.... Its clearly makeup.
tf? I looked sunburnt :/
Reviewed on November 18, 2015

okay so here's what happened: used it the first time, and I looked like a sunburnt alpaca. my moms friends daughter used it and it cleared her acne completely. my skin isn't 100% acne free, and I don't use X out every single day (like once every other week) but i guess it depends on skin type? honestly, they totally lied to me and the customer service people were rude as hell. overall it's kind of meh.

ps don't use the mask. it'll burn your skin.

by Ekpresto on 12/29/2015 22:25
You need to talk to an esthetician. Sounds like this formulation isn't right for you. Also, your cleansing routine needs to be twice daily not one every week or so.
They keep charging you
Reviewed on October 3, 2015

Be careful. You make one order and then they automatically charge you every month and keep sending you more.

by Gigi85340 on 07/09/2016 02:38
It did say in fine print that they will charge you per installment, so you gotta read fine print before you buy stuff.
Not a quick fix
Reviewed on September 13, 2015

It took 2 months to see results but I did finally see results. It does nothing for acne scars but it does get rid of breakouts. As soon as I quit using it, my acne came back. It was better than proactive or anything else out there!

by Ekpresto on 12/29/2015 22:28
Classic reaction to products like these. They treat the surface but never reach beyond your very top layer. It keeps you buying their product to maintain clear skin. You need to do a peel routine or start on low level retinoids.
by Ekpresto on 12/29/2015 22:28
Classic reaction to products like these. They treat the surface but never reach beyond your very top layer. It keeps you buying their product to maintain clear skin. You need to do a peel routine or start on low level retinoids.
by Ekpresto on 12/29/2015 22:28
Classic reaction to products like these. They treat the surface but never reach beyond your very top layer. It keeps you buying their product to maintain clear skin. You need to do a peel routine or start on low level retinoids.
"Not for sensitive skin"
Reviewed on September 11, 2015

After using it for just 2 days my skin broke out horribly. Plus, the customer service was terrible. They kept on trying to have me buy more when I called to tell them the product wasn't working! I know everyone's skin is different, but this face wash is very harsh on the skin. Not worth the money at all.

by Ekpresto on 12/29/2015 22:29
It will take more than 2 days for sure. And if the product works it will bring the bacteria to the surface for you as it sounds like it did
by Meghan45 on 03/17/2017 04:38
Actually my dermatologist informed me that that's not true. If it makes you breakout quickly and as bad as it did, then its irritating your skin. I bought the system and it cleared it right up! But thank you for your input.
Cleared up my skin, Customer service sucked though.
Reviewed on September 10, 2015

I personally do not own X Out, but my boyfriend does. He has extremely bad acne that covers most of his face. Although the acne isn't exactly noticeable because it isn't red, you can definitely tell that he has risen bumps on his face. He ordered X Out because nothing was working for him and he HATES multiple steps when cleaning his face. Within the first two weeks I noticed how clear his face was getting after using X Out. However, at first it did make his face break out more before it got better. But after that his face was clearer and even less red than it was before.

I have a mostly clear face. Around my time of month I normally break out a little more. I actually started using his X Out whenever I would stay at his house and let me tell you, I fell in love with it. To the point where i actually took a bottle or two from him because hes bad at using it in a routine. My monthly acne stopped showing up, PRAISE THE LORD because I hated my acne. My complexion was clearer and my skin was more evenly toned. I love this stuff. Ive been using it for about 2 months now and I haven't had any bad results so far. As for the body scrub and bar.... they didn't seem to make any difference on me.

However I do have something bad to say about X Out. When my boyfriend first ordered... he was almost kinda scammed i would say. He saw a good promotion on TV and he decided the product was worth a try. When he ordered he was under the impression that he was signing up for a month subscription where he would receive another normal sized bottle every month. He received his first month perfectly on time and all in check... but when the next month came along he noticed X Out charged him $70. He then realized that they charged him for 3 months worth of X Out and were sending him all 3 months worth at once. At the time he could not afford $70 for a face wash so lets just say there was a bit of a freak out. We tried calling and emailing and requesting customer service many times, but the return process for the X Out was just too much of a hassle that we decided to just keep it. Because of this we cancelled the subscription in fear that it might happened again.

All together I would recommend X Out to treat acne. It worked great on me and my boyfriend. Just watch out for fine print and if something goes wrong, don't expect much from the company to fix it.