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Proactiv Solution Acne Treatment System
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Brand: Proactiv Solution

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Proactiv Solution Acne Treatment System


Renewing Cleanser
Active Ingredient:
Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Water (aqua), magnesium aluminum silicate, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, sorbitol, dimethyl isosorbide, disodium PEG-12 dimethicone sulfosuccinate, tridecyl stearate, neopentyl glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, polyethylene, cetyl esters, anthemis nobilis flower extract, sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA, xanthan gum, tridecyl trimellitate, propylene glycol, Imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragrance (parfum).

Revitalizing Toner
Water (aqua), glycolic acid, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract, anthemis nobilis flower extract, rosa canina fruit extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, sodium PCA, panthenol, glycerin, propylene glycol, allantoin, polysorbate 20, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, benzophenone-4, tetrasodium EDTA, imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragrance (parfum), blue 1 (CI 42090), yellow 5 (CI 19140).

Repairing Treatment
Active Ingredient:
Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Water (aqua), ethoxydiglycol, cyclotetrasiloxane, cyclopentasiloxane, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, dimethicone, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, panthenol, allantoin, xanthan gum, ceteareth-20, carbomer, triethanolamine, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragrance (parfum).

Items marked with red have tested a 3 or above (out of 5) in comedogenic (pore-clogging) testing.

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Proactiv Solution Acne Treatment System

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Proactiv Solution Acne Treatment System

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Reviewed on December 31, 2016

They take my money and I am a kid and i don't have much they put you on a 90 day kit where you have to pay each month around 30$ they took all my money and refused to give me a refund they took all my birthday money thank you proactiv for making a kid lose money how would i have known they would charge you its in small imprint and who reads those very very few.

by Karma123 on 02/04/2017 03:36
Very sad that they manipulate the public into a scheme that they wouldn't think the would see from a what we thought was a reputable company? Slide of hand, magic show. Report this to your creditor. Cancel your card and have a new one issued and you will never have to deal with them again or worry about checking your acct. Karma, here's your sign!
Worked great for me
Reviewed on December 18, 2016

I started using the 3-steps, but now I only use the cleanser. The other products don't do much for me and are overpriced since I can get the same exact items from other brands. I'm 26 and have the same skin problems I did 10 years ago, so I've tried almost everything. It's not perfect, but I definitely notice that it helps. I also use it 1-2 times a week tops so I don't run into the problem it looks like many others have with my skin not responding well to it over time due to overuse. After 2-3 months of almost daily use, its effectiveness had surely faded. It was working SO well, it was disappointing when I discovered that was happening. But it's still the best product I've tried. Granted, I have atypical skin. It's dry and oily, sensitive to everything, and sporadically breaks out in unpredictable places. I also agree the company and customer service is among the sh*ttiest I have experienced, but still not the worst.

by Karma123 on 02/04/2017 03:40
One of the best slide of hand magic shows I've seen! If you want to be taken advantage of, sign up. I recommend going to a kiosk if you need and feel you like this product and pay cash. Nothing I hate more than having the wool pulled over my eyes! But good job of taking advantage of all these trusting people. Karma is on its way!!!
Reviewed on December 15, 2016

proactiv is by far the worst acne treatment I have had mil acne for a while an I bought proactive thinking it will help my acne it made me breakout even more so if you are considering ti buy this product do not waste your money!!!!

Bad product by an even worse company
Reviewed on November 10, 2016

Problem #1:

I used this product from the ages of 16-18. The product had worked great then and I got off of it when my skin became immune to it. I am now 22 and I just reordered it because my skin had become immune to a different product I have been using for the past couple years. I had ordered through the Proactiv website and they had a promo for free little goodies. I received the shipment about a week later and tried it a day after that. The product completely dried out my skin! I have never used any product that dried my skin out quite like this one. I attempted to the use the product 3 times. It took 4 days for my skin to recover between those uses. So I used the product for roughly 12 days. If you use the product in the 3 step recommended dose, the cleanser comes first, then the toner, and then the lotion. The lotion could not save my skin from the severe dryness caused by the cleanser.

Problem #2:

Recurring charges. The initial product cost around $35 with shipping and handling. After the attempted use the first month, I was adamant about not using this product again. A month later, I am hit with a $42 charge to my card. When I called their customer service, they had told me that they had shipped out another box and I can expect a $42 charge every month until I cancel the product and a new box of garbage skin care as well. I told them to cancel it and that I wanted a refund for the last box they had sent. They asked me around 20 questions as to why the product didn't work for me and even If I had to seek medical attention from the use of their product, as if many customers had to. I asked them how I would go about returning the product and receiving a refund. They told me that I had to pay out of pocket to return and that a return label would be sent to me in the next 7-10 business days. Looking at the weight of the box and dimensions, that's about $15 out-of-pocket just to receive $42 back ($27 outcome). She then told me to hold onto the first bottles I had received from last month for the next 30 days and told me that I could possibly receive a call from them asking me to return them to the company at my expense. If I receive no call, then just toss them in the garbage, a waste of $35 again.

My only advice to you is being very careful around this predatory company because they will try to take advantage of every penny they can get out of you. I would recommend going for a product you can purchase in store and have the option of returning in store to avoid any issues you may have if this product doesn't seem to work for you.

by Karma123 on 02/04/2017 03:46
I totally had the very same experience. Do not do bu sinews with these people on a online basis! If you need and like the product go to a,kiosk and pay cash. Over the phone they talk there speak so quickly you need a law degree or fast ear to catch there true manipulative self! Pathetic. But, bravo, you fooled me once. Never again will I do business with you and nobody else should either. Here comes karma
Reviewed on November 9, 2016

I thought I would give Proactiv a try so ordered a pack, it actually made my skin a lot worse than anything else I've ever tried but not only that, after persevearing for 10 days I gave up. A month later £65 disappeared from my account, a few days after this I received another package which I did not want or ask for. I had read other reviews about being careful of the subscription- I carefully checked through the payment confirmation from my first order (I didn't receive one for the second 'supposed' order) but I couldn't find anywhere that I had signed up to any kind of subscription! Customer service (who were horrendous) told me that it was in very small print on the checkout page and had to walk me through the ordering process so they could point out to me exactly where it was. So this was totally unclear. I was furious- I sent the package back without even opening it (by special delivery as they take no responsibility for receiving it if it's not sent this way or by courier). I have so far waited over a week and still no refund, called the customer service number to which they said "it's not been processed yet, once we get it, we have to send it back to our warehouse abroad so could take a couple of weeks" - so still waiting, THIS COMPANY ARE CON ARTISTS, DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. They don't work and you'"" have a nightmare trying to get out of a subscription you supposedly sign up to.. as for getting a refund.. well, I'll let you know when it finally arrives! :(

by Karma123 on 02/04/2017 03:48
Total scam, and you wander why nobody trusts you. I hope you drown. Here comes karma!
Proactiv not for long term use. acne will get worse and product is overpriced
Reviewed on October 21, 2016

Proactiv will initially help to clear your skin (not a cure for acne by any means) but its effectiveness will decrease over time. If you look at the amount of money you pay (or are forced to pay) for proactiv it is actually a lot cheaper to go to a dermatologist and get an individualized treatment plan for your acne. I got tired of not seeing results and decided to go to a dermatologist. Too much to pay for proactiv for no results.

by Karma123 on 02/04/2017 03:52
Definitely, go to a dermatologist, a lot less headaches and no lies will become of it. Here comes Karma!
Reviewed on October 12, 2016

I have not tried it yet, will update ASAP when i get to using it!

by Karma123 on 02/04/2017 03:55
Watch your back and your account on a monthly basis, they reappear like,a bad dream. Over and over. Here comes Karma!
Reviewed on October 11, 2016

Waiste of money.through it down the result at all

TOTAL RIP OFF.want to give 0 star but its not allowing me any less than 1.

by Karma123 on 02/04/2017 03:56
Watch your account, they come around on the back side while your not looking and take money right out of your account. Here comes Karma!
Total Ripoff
Reviewed on October 3, 2016

ordered it from [link removed] made bloody damn sure I choose the Single Shipment: $29.95 30-Day Supply option. They automatically enroll you in the monthly automatically charge your credit card and ship you monthly... I called and told them I am not stupid, I made sure I was I was ordering the one time, I even kept the screen captures from my order.. they deny it and said even though I picked the Single Shipment: $29.95 30-Day Supply option, on the side of the screen it said I would be shipped a new supply every 30 days and it was my fault that I didn't check it, even though I have screen captures. They already charged my credit card and will not refund my money until I send box back, which was left on my doorstep. What a ripoff, even though when I signed up and ordered it the first time, they have my email address, they never contacted me about the second shipment or when they were charging my credit card. Here is the thing, if they had contacted me maybe I would checked with my daughter and see if she wanted it and decided if we wanted to order, but the lying and deception is what really gets under my skin.

by X Matt on 11/06/2016 11:12
This is UNFORGIVABLE, people (often teens, with little money - and already with a huge burden of being afflicted with acne) should not be tricked into this, and ripped off by an organisation who suggest they are trying to help. SHAME ON YOU PROACTIVE - and if the website ripping people off is not you, You need to withdraw your product... Why was the website name redacted? People need warning of these bandits!
by X Matt on 11/06/2016 11:12
This is UNFORGIVABLE, people (often teens, with little money - and already with a huge burden of being afflicted with acne) should not be tricked into this, and ripped off by an organisation who suggest they are trying to help. SHAME ON YOU PROACTIVE - and if the website ripping people off is not you, You need to withdraw your product... Why was the website name redacted? People need warning of these bandits!
Reviewed on September 26, 2016

Este es un producto muy malo no lo compré yo lo hice por mucho tiempo y no mejoré en nada

by IsysRockzzz on 10/12/2016 00:10
Gracias por la información!