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Phillips Milk of Magnesia
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Brand: Phillips

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Phillips Milk of Magnesia


Active Ingredient:
Magnesium Hydroxide 1200 mg.

Inactive Ingredients:
Purified Water, Sodium Hypochlorite.

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Phillips Milk of Magnesia

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Phillips Milk of Magnesia

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Reviewed on February 10, 2018

If you are like me and have acne scars you probably felt my pain on how foundation and concealer can make their appearance look even worse. For reference, I have some icepick and boxcar scarring which resemble enlarged pores on my left cheek.

So before I apply foundation, I apply a very thin coat of this on where I have texture problems and let it dry out thoroughly. I then proceed to apply makeup as I would (thin layer of foundation + loose powder) and it literally smooths out the skin underneath to the point where the scars become barely noticeable.

Also, the fact that it functions as a primer is an added benefit as it makes your makeup last all day, so you really don't have to worry as much about having these imperfections show through. This is a definite lifesaver and has drastically increased my selfesteem.

Reviewed on September 19, 2016

Honestly, I don't know whether it works or not concerning acne because I haven't used it in that sense but it is an AMAZING makeup primer if you suffer from oily skin! Apparently, it can have a plateau effect so I interchange between this and calamine lotion, which is also a phenomenal primer! Although I said I'm not sure about it working for acne, I do think that less oil can mean less clogged pores. I also get pimples much less now-a-days. This may have contributed. Who knows?? It's worth a try!

Pls help
Reviewed on June 23, 2016

Can a kind soul help me? After using a thin layer of MoM on my face in the morning, when I wash my face using a cleanser at night, will the layer like stop my salicylic acid cleanser's ability to unclog my pores and do its work etc? And after that I would put my spot treatment serum would it affect the serum acne-clearing ability too? Cuz I heard the layer of MoM stays on even after washing?

by starrynights on 07/14/2016 23:00
i learned this from holistic estheticians. at night you wash your face, then put on your treatments and moisturizers. wait five or ten minutes for it to absorb then apply milk of mag last. They recommend persa gel 5% BP (the only chemical they use). It doesn't hinder other products ability, but works with it to help purge out impurities. Its also an anti-inflammatory. Apply with a clean cotton ball. be sure to use moisturizer before masking bc its drying.
Reduces Shine
Reviewed on January 28, 2016

This is great to reduce shine/oil on your skin. I put a thin layer on my skin in the morning. Apparently it's also a great makeup primer, if you wear makeup.

Really good
Reviewed on July 25, 2015

When I was in middle school (I'm in high school now) I had a a lot or at least what I thought was a lot of pimples and my grandma told me about this and to put it on my face and it worked pretty good not 100% bc maybe it was that I was gonna get my period for the first time but still really good

Reviewed on January 27, 2015

So I've been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely LOVE IT. As a primer it is amazing, and as a facial mask it is amazing. I have oily/combination skin, but after using MoM, my skin is normal (so it seems) and I have no shine! I have also noticed significant improvement in my acne, which is moderate (usually around that time of the month I breakout on my chin/cheeks) and this time around I have no break outs leading up to my cycle...sorry if i'm giving tmi lol. My skin has been extremely smooth and acne free thus far. All i do is wash my face using my clinique 3 step solutions, apply the MoM with a cotton ball and keep it on my face for about 15 minutes, wash it off, and apply my toner and moisturizer! Hope it works for you all as it did me. Goodluck ;)

Reviewed on September 14, 2014

I have been using benzoyl peroxide for about 5 years? maybe 10! I lost count to be honest...All i know is that I was getting sick of using the benzoyl peroxide face wash...I feel like i had been using it for so long that i was starting to lose hair on my hairline on my forehead because of how harsh the chemical was. I decided to stop using the 10% benzoyl peroxide face wash..for better or worse.. I instead started using Cetaphil dermacontrol oil control face wash and started using the milk of magnesia to combat my EXTREMELY oily skin...It's actually worked wonders. My chin is breaking out a little bit but thats about it! I'm going to stick with it though like I planned. As far as the Milk of magnesia goes.. I love it. Its saved my constant anxiety throughout the day...whether it be at work or just out of the house. I used to always be nervous to be out for too long incase my face got too oily and gross. The MOM mask lasts about 8 hours for me which is amazing! Usually my face would be all oiled up an hour after washing it! I have moderate acne right now but my skin has seemed to calm down and my hair isnt bleached anymore because of the benzoyl peroxide! gross. Anyways. I would definitely recomend this product! The only problem I have with this product...if any, is that my face has started to become oily sooner than i'd maybe my body is over compensating for lack of oil already and is over producing oil... I dont know...ANYWAYSSSSSSS bye.

by 0mfgeez on 08/31/2016 22:02
Your face is definately overcompensating with the sebum production because your skin is dry so your body is trying to balance the pH again and protect your skin from out side pollutants I have bad acne and after I wash my face I use coconut oil to moisturize so my boy won't overcompensate and exacerbate the issue. Coconut oil is wonderful cause it's a light oil and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy and it is anti inflammatory and antimicrobial
Love MOM
Reviewed on May 2, 2014

Been hearing about this milk of magnesia for a while now, I must say I approve. I have oily skin, and nothing works but this stuff. First u wanna apply a thin layer with a foundation brush, let it dry and just like that shine free. Give it a try if u have oily skin or just oily T-Zone.

great alternative to expensive masks
Reviewed on February 20, 2014

I was recommended this product by a nutritionist who had some experience with helping people find natural ways to overcome breakouts. I think it gets the job done and really makes me feel like I'm cleaning out my pores. I have spent a lot of money on expensive/fancy face masks that are supposed to have all these great natural cleansing properties but I really don't think they are any bit more effective than milk of magnesia.

Worked for me!
Reviewed on July 10, 2013

I've tried everything over the counter I could find to reduce my extremely oily skin and help my blemishes. I mean everything! Money was no object to me because I had to look good for my job. I don't have "acne" per say but I did get flair ups. This has made a tremendous difference. I'm 30 and work in a corporate environment, so looking nice is a must for me.

A few tips... Apply a thin layer before leaving the house and wait for it to dry to make sure you don't have any white crust on your face. Then at night after washing your face put it on thick! Don't worry about your pillow, no harm done.

Also I use this in combination with Derma Topix Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 5 Percent which can be had for about $12

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