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Doxycycline Oral Antibiotic
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Doxycycline Oral Antibiotic


Doxycycline Product Pictured:
Active Ingredients:
100mg of Doxycycline Hyclate.

Inactive Ingredients:
Lactose monohydrate; microcrystalline cellulose; sodium lauryl sulfate; sodium chloride; talc; anhydrous lactose; corn starch; crospovidone; magnesium stearate; cellulosic polymer coating.

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Doxycycline Oral Antibiotic

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Doxycycline Oral Antibiotic

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Doxy Saved My Life Guys
Reviewed on May 30, 2016

I would just like to say thank you to Doxy for saving my life. I have extreme depression and anxiety, and that was only made worse by my acne which covered almost all of my face and was spreading fast. I tried every over-the-counter medication, every face wash and even attempted laser therapy. I almost took Accutane, but heard the terrible stories online about how bad the side effects were and more.

Even my doctor tried to convince me to take Accutane, but I'm here to say if you have horrible red blotchy acne that is very congested, please try Doxycycline. It took 3-4 months, and when I look in the mirror now I actually kind of want to cry because of how much it helped.

Doxy + Spectro Blemish Cleanser & Moisturizer saved my life.

by mollywillow94 on 02/21/2017 19:02
So pleased for you and your success! Are you still taking doxy?
Not to exaggerate, but it's miracle. For me.
Reviewed on May 19, 2016

I've been suffering from acne ever since I hit 12; which has been 10 years from since. I've tried so many things from topical creams to all sorts of drugstore treatments like anti-acne cleansers, gels, essential oils or exfoliating treatments which none has ever worked out for me. I've also changed my pillow cases more frequently and tried to drink green juices but they did very little and I still get red, bumpy and sometimes painful acne on random places (very less on the forehead).

I also suffered from "textures" (I'm not sure how to call it) which are bumps appearing throughout my face and my body (chest and back). I tried to exfoliate these bumps almost on a daily basis, using chemical exfoliants or other physical methods like (Japan - Cure gel, Body Shop's exfoliating shower gloves for my body, St. Ives exfoliating scrub cleanser) but they seemed to only work temporarily and then come back even faster and did nothing to my condition.

So, my friend one day took me to a dermatologist for a free consultation, and I was skeptical of it as I've tried so many things that I've already given up and submitted myself to concealers and facial powders to cover up my destroyed skin. So I listened to the dermatologist and many of the things she mentioned I've already read online. Close to the end of the consultation she prescribed quite a number of products from their clinic and the antibiotics which is Doxycycline. All the products were too expensive for a poor student like me to afford and I already have my own skin care products so I did not purchase them. I went for the antibiotics which I have been taking for almost a month already since 23rd of April.

So, during the first two weeks there weren't any significant changes to my acne condition. And closing to the third week I noticed my acne got better, I thought it was the "Exfolikate" Kate Somerville product sample I used that made my face better. But it wasn't, it was the doxy. I know for sure because the textures that have been haunting for me years, are slowly dying down. My back feels smoother, and every time I cleanse my face, it feels smoother and the textures were disappearing, I didn't even need my St. Ives scrubbing cleanser at all.

I've returned to my home town and my mother said my face got so much better than before. I felt better too, although I still have a lot of discolored marks from the acne before, I am truly grateful for my almost clear skin. I no longer suffer from painful acne and textures. However, this is just a short-term quick take from taking the Doxycycline (100mg). I am planning to take this for about 6 months to ensure they don't come back. It costs me about USD 20 (MYR 80 in Malaysia) per 1 month dosage but it's so worth it. I usually spend over USD 30-40 a month to try out other products. Literally, miracle in a pill. Thank god (and science) for these pills.

I'm now on my journey to clear these discolored marks (scars) and also finding solutions for my oily and huge pored face. Acne was my main problem and insecurity though! At least I didn't have to wear a lot of make up on my face already. (I'm a guy by the way, so I really felt girly whenever I put that much concealer on my face).

cautiously optimistic
Reviewed on May 11, 2016

I have acne-prone, extremely oily skin, with scarring / hyperpigmentation (I'm Asian, and I've read that we're more prone to hyperpigmentation, so yay for that?). I've suffered from moderate but near-constant acne in the form of cysts and whiteheads on my forehead for over 6 years (I'm 17, by the way). My doctor prescribed to me 100mg doxycycline (to be used with 5% benzoyl peroxide) and before I started taking it I researched it, of course, and psyched myself out from all the reviews on here about all the negative side effects like even more breakouts, stomachaches, etc. However, I've been taking it for a little while now and experienced none of these things, and my skin has slowly started to clear up, although I would say I'm only about 75-80% sure (so pretty sure, but not completely certain) that it's due to the medication. If you're also starting doxycycline and worried about side effects, consider the following:

Doxycycline, like any other antibiotic prescribed to fight acne, is NOT a permanent solution. My doctor's current plan is to keep me on it for 3 months and check up on the progress of my skin.

Antibiotics will kill all bacteria, so make sure to take probiotics or eat yogurt with probiotics in conjunction. I take 1-2 probiotics a day and have had no negative side effects.

Also, remember basic biology: bacteria can and will develop resistance to antibiotics gradually, so make sure you're not skipping doses or taking them irregularly.

Doxycycline can cause severe stomach pains if you take it on an empty stomach. Instead, take it after a meal (I take mine after lunch) and with a big glass of water.

Just made my folliculitis so much worse
Reviewed on April 26, 2016

I have been taking it for about 3 weeks and my folliculitis is so much worse. Is it a case of it getting worse before it gets better. Help... please comment I need to know if it's worth continuing

by Peterkever5 on 04/28/2016 23:14
Don't stop so fast. It needs a few more weeks, maybe. Go ahead and use it. If it's not better after a few months from now, you can try another treatment.
by anonymous11 on 05/23/2016 08:57
I have been using it for about 6 weeks now.. still had a few breakouts, lots of small red ones but not so inflamed. my pharmacist said it can take 2-3 months to clear it up, is this true?
by Matthew1976 on 01/20/2017 00:08
I've had the same problem. Been on doxy for 3 weeks for folliculitis. It is now worse. Hoping it will improve soon.
Miracle for me
Reviewed on April 18, 2016

About a year ago I started getting a horrible acne break out on my lower jawline and neck area. Nothing I could do was getting rid of it and I tried every name brand on the market. It was sore, inflamed, rash like, and made me want to hide my face in a bag. I have extremely extremely oily skin like every 2-4 hours I can wipe my face with a napkin and see through it kind of oily and I went though puberty early so I have always had some minor-moderate acne for most my life I am used to it. This was an entirely new thing it was horrible, painful, and both physically and mentally scarring to have people stop you an ask what is wrong with your face. I finally went to see my dermatologist and I almost cried in relief when he told me it was a hormonal issue rather than anything I was doing that caused my problem I went on doxy-cycline and a gel for about 6 months and it cleared up my issue like a dream come true. I am now off it for about 4-6 months and I stil have minor acne that I combat with witch hazel and tea tree oil but that is normal and When treated it heals and goes away and I'll take it over a rashy, painful, never ending acne attack any day. The scarring on my jawline is healing up nicely and the red blotchiness that had taken over my lower jaw has a year later almost gone away completely. I wish I could post before and after pictures just to show you how much it helped. While it might not help everyone it was litterally a blessing for me. I didn't have any negative side effects or issues with with it however side note the duac-gel they normally give you to apply topically along with the pill should be used ONCE a day to start out with like the Dr. prescribes do not be me and apply it liberally multiple times a day and think it will help more all you will do is dry the ever loving heck out of your skin and cause pain and massive flakiness take it from me. Also see a dermatologist sooner rather than later I can't help but think if I had gone sooner then I would have healed quicker and would had had less scarring that can only be healed by time.

by rosagnzlz on 10/26/2016 19:53
so you took the pill for 6 months and when you stopped the acne did not come back? I have been on I for 10 months and I am afraid to stop taking it bc I feel like it will all come back again.
by sdcook0315 on 04/21/2017 01:37
It did come back not as bad but still bad within a year of going off the meds. It's very upsetting because I don't want to be on meds for the rest of my life.
Jaundice and hypoglycemia
Reviewed on April 3, 2016

I wouldn't believe this could happen but it did! My fifteen year old son has been under the care of a very conservative dermatologist for six months. We started with Epiduo which was completely ineffective. We then moved on to two topicals and doxycycline. The topicals didn't seem to be doing much after three weeks so I filled the doxy prescription. Within a few days my sons complexion looked 50% better, and after a month his face was nearly completely clear. Yes, initially he had some stomach upset, but took it the morning with scrambled eggs and a large glass of juice and had no trouble.

Leap forward three months: he's yellow tinged and sleeping all the time and his grades have dropped. Not suspecting the antibiotic, I took him to the pediatrician who ordered lab work. His glucose ( after lunch, no less) was 54 and his bilirubin count was high, explaining his sallow coloring. Common illnesses were ruled out, such as mono, thyroid,etc. After reading exhaustively about doxy, his only medication, I discovered that it is likely the cause of his symptoms. We stopped the medication and go for repeat blood work later this week. Fingers crossed that the liver problems are reversible.

As with any medication be vigilant when something seems "off".

by cloudydreamer on 09/26/2016 02:32
Wow. This is so awful, I am so sorry this happened to him. Is he okay now?
better oil control
Reviewed on April 2, 2016

My derm prescribed this for me and it did help a lot to control my oily skin. However, I still got cystic acne bumps with this product, and that was a bummer. I then tried minocycline, but discontinued its use after four weeks. I started getting some side effects that I knew had to be from it, so I switched back. It wasn't worth it to me.

Works well but acne may possibly come back
Reviewed on March 26, 2016

I first took Doxycyline 100mg tablets once daily around 5 years ago (at age 16) and it worked really well. At that time I had teenage acne, not enough to scar deeply but I had more acne than the usual teen. It covered my whole forehead and started to grow on my cheeks as well. I was prescribed to use Cetaphil as a cleanser, Doxy as an oral treatment and Epiduo as a topical treatment. If I remember correctly, my acne became worse before getting better and my face was cleared up entirely by the 2nd-3rd month, so I continued the regimen for another 3-5 months. I didn't get any stomach pains or problems when taking Doxy and also didn't get any acne scarring. After about 8-12 months of taking Doxy and using Epiduo, I decided to stop the regimen because my face had already been clear for several months and I didn't want my body to depend on the medication so much. 5 years passed and my face remained clear, I did have a few pimples from time to time and the usual period pimples, but it wasn't bad at all. It was great having clear skin!

Unfortunately, 6 months ago I suddenly started getting constant breakouts on my chin area, this time they were cystic and much more painful than before (adult acne, I'd say). I thought it was because of stress but then it started to move onto my forehead and then onto my cheeks. I had to get it fixed so I decided to go back on Doxy and Epiduo, but it did little help for the 2 months I was on it. It definitely didn't improve my acne but it didn't worsen them either. Because my acne was still persistent, my dermatologist prescribed me to take a stronger antibiotic (which didn't work and gave me bad abdominal pains instead) since I didn't want to consider Roaccutane.

Just something to note also is that the Doxy might have made my acne stronger and more persistent the second time around. From what I understand, antibiotics hold back/hide acne but does not actually get rid of them, they are known to possibly make acne stronger and resistant, and are also quite harmful on the body.. so just my two cents, it wouldn't hurt to think twice if you are considering to take antibiotics to treat acne. As of now, I've decided to steer away from oral medications/antibiotics and instead using more topical and natural, organic regimens which so far, has actually really helped with healing my acne. Anyways, I hope this review will be helpful to someone, and good luck!

by cloudydreamer on 09/26/2016 02:33
What natural and organic regimens are you using right now?
Did not work for me. Made it worse.
Reviewed on January 28, 2016

I have been taking doxy for a little over a month. Prior to taking doxy my acne was not that bad i would 1-3 spots that would stay under my skin and stay there for a month before they popped. I was so happy hearing the results and excited. The first 3-4 weeks my acne had never been this bad ever i was getting spots i had never had before in places i never had. Whats worse when these spots popped they left a red mark which hasnt left my skin yet. I have 4 of these marks/ former spots on my face. On the 5th week i had cleared up by 20% and i thought hey now its gonna work. But no woe is me and now on the 7th week i have these red rashy patches on y left cheek and 5-6 spots on my right cheek. I will continue to use it for 3 months but its made it worse so far :/ did not help that i have eczema too.

If not working, try a different route :)
Reviewed on December 30, 2015

Little background: It was the end of my Junior year in high school and I got extremely extremely bad acne. It covered my ENTIRE face. I couldn't run my hands over my skin or even wash it without wincing in pain. I became deeply depressed over the summer and barely left my room. I knew I needed help and my mom took me to the doctors. They said I had severe acne and needed medication to help clear it. The first medication I had been on was doxycycline. I was on that for about 4 months and things got clear, not completely but enough. I decided to get off but of course, the acne came back. So I revisited my doctor and got prescribed minocyline and a birth control. I liked mino much better than doxy, one less pill and easier on the stomach. Finally I went to the doctors again for a check up and they decided to check my blood. I have irregular hormone levels, which was causing the acne. In order to correct the levels I needed a medication of course. So I was prescribed spironolactone! I have been on this for about 4 months and absolutely love it. It is 100 times better than any other medication I have tried. It took awhile to get started, maybe 3 months. But my skin was clear, no bumps, no cysts. One thing I would recommend is not waiting to refill.. The past week I forgot and haven't taken the pill in 5 days, and I now have multiple breakouts and cysts around my chin.. Of course I am discouraged but have faith that the pill will fix it all up quickly :)