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Oil of Oregano - Reviews

Oil of Oregano

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NEVER apply an essential oil using a water dilution and NEVER put water on your face after using an essential oil. Think about oil and water: the two don't mix. Instead, they repel one another. So basically, the water forced the oregano into your skin, causing irritation. In the future, use a carrier oil, such as organic coconut oil, to dilute essential oils applied to your face. To dilute oregano, use more carrier oil than oregano oil to ensure no irritation.

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Purple Star

I just used organi oil without diluting it on a paper towel and burned my face really bad. Anyone know how to fix this fast have a date tomorrow I don't want to cancel but I'm kind of embarrassed with how my face looks as if having a break out wasn't bad enough now I look like a burn victim.

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Hi MissSum! so happy for you that you cure your acne and all the other things. I am also dealing with candida and it is driving me crazy. I will appreciate you so much if you share how you did you cure candida? Thanks in advance!

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Dan Crow


Using herbal natural remedy was what got me tested negative to HSV 2 after been diagnosed for years.I have spend so much funds on medications like acyclovir (Zovirax), Famciclovir (Famvir), and Valacyclovir (Valtrex). But it was all a waste of time and my symptoms got worst.  To me It is very bad what Big pharma are doing, why keep making humans suffer greatly just to get profits annually for medications that doesn't work.I'm glad that herbal remedies is gaining so much awareness and many people are getting off medications and activating their entire body system with natural herbal remedies and they are become holistically healed totally. Quickly contact Dr Felix herbal home now email him directly on [email protected] or Whatsapp :+2349068063760

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To clear up scarring I'd recommend tamanu oil it really helped me clear up my scars. I'm trying the oregano oil on an ugly huge spot right now! Have a comedy show / girl's night out tomorrow night!

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