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Mother of Pearl Anti-Scar Cream
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Brand: Mother of Pearl

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Mother of Pearl Anti-Scar Cream


Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareath-3, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Mineral Oil, Dimethicone, Glycerine, Allantoin, Polysorbate-60, Mother of Pearl Powder, EDTA, Imidazolidinylurea Lysine Carboxymethylcysteine, Methyl Isothiazolinone, Methyl Chloroisothiazolinone, Parfum, BHA, Tocopherol, Triethyl Citrate.

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Mother of Pearl Anti-Scar Cream

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Mother of Pearl Anti-Scar Cream

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Reviewed on November 17, 2014

I have used Murad, garnier, and neutrogena products designed to fade scars/marks from acne. All for 6 months or more, but NOTHING has worked so quickly and effectively. It has faded old a new scars quicker than I thought possible, in one or two months. And old scars that I've had for year and years, in 5 months or less.

I don't use this on active acne because it doesn't seem to work well on it, but any scars it does wonders. I am very pleased with this product. And you don't need a lot, I use it almost daily (for 6+ months. I'm always getting new scars because my skin is very sensitive and I have moderately severe acne) and I haven't used even a quarter of the jar.

I don't wash it off in 30 minutes though, I put a thin layer over any scars after I've washed my skin at night and leave it on over night. If any is left on in the morning it easily washes off.

I couldn't find it in the store so I think I bought it off drug store (.) com or amazon.

Mine came in a pink and white tub with a silver/gray cap and says "madre perla" on it.

Keep it sanitary, wash your hands before using it or bacteria will get in the tub.

It works most quickly with new scars, as soon as the pimple has healed start applying this nightly.

I don't use it around my mouth often because it might break me out just around my mouth (not sure), but I can't even wear lipstick with out around my mouth breaking out.

That's why I only gave it 4 stars, also because it doesn't heal active acne.

I also use tea tree oil, salicylic acid, benzoyl 2%, apple cider vinegar, and an aztec mask (not all at the same time of course) and I recently started BC.

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Judy, Germany
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Reviewed on June 30, 2012

I got the cream a while ago. I tried it out immediately - and never again since.

It smells so badly that I got a headache from it but "No pain, no gain" right?

However, when I started washing it off after 30 min, I realized that the cream was stuck in my pores and it extremely hard to wash it off - i had to scrub my face with a wet towel...

Since I haven't read a review like mine yet, I was wondering: Am I doing something wrong?

I'd be happy about comments on that.


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Reviewed on April 15, 2012

believe in this cream for better than proactive clean and clear and any other dumb facial

Reviewed on September 25, 2011

Ok: Concha Nacar de Perlop, Bleach Cream no. 3. 6 bucks at Walmart for 2 oz. Short list of ingredients, all effective. Let me put it this way: 9 years of acne and thousands of dollars into skincare, and the best mask I have used is this cheap 6 dollar cream. My average mask used to be $60 dollars per 2 oz. I only wish I had tried it sooner. Only been a week and my skin is now 90% clear. Yeah, that pretty much speaks for itself.

by arl505 on 09/25/2014 06:38
I agree. A ton of money down the drain. I used to use this from the time I was 16-24 then I ventured out looking for the next best thing, I always wondered why my skin was getting so bad. I am now going back to some oldies but goodies. The ingredients are make a perfect mask. It really helps cleanse the pores, brighten skintone and over time fade marks and discoloration.
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Anonymous, London, UK
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Reviewed on September 20, 2011

Within only a few days and i could see the difference, its an absolue godsend.

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anonymous, texas
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Reviewed on July 23, 2011

i love this product.

cheap, effective, favorite acne product.

Reviewed on March 2, 2011

I had been fighting with my red marks for a long time and this product seems to work pretty well. I didn't use this alone, however. I used other products that also help with red marks but this pretty much sealed the deal. Along with the green tea St. Ives scrub (which reduces redness) and using Noxzea Deep Cleansing Cream (it's a face wash) as a mask, it's been very effective.

I'd like to make a note that if you use this for let's say, three days in a row, you'll get a little white head but that's better than getting a huge red pimple. It can give you pimples but you NEED to use it in moderation. By that, I mean about 2 times a week. That's how long i've done it and i haven't broken out either. I'd recommend you leave it one for about 12 minutes then rinse off with cold water.

I do recommend picking up the green tea st. ives scrub and the noxzema deep cleansing cream along with this to help with red marks.

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Maestra Sierra, Hialeah, Fl
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Reviewed on January 7, 2010

Like so many others I've used tons of products that promise but don't show any results. This is different. It does what it says it'll do. It clears pores, lightens the skin or infected area and helps with blemishes and other impurities.

I've had these acne scars for more than half a year already and in just a week of using Concha Nacar de Perlop those scars are lighten up. For the regular price of $4.99 to $6 is well worth it considering I tried kits that are $20 and do nothing. This is something to try out.

Overall, this is the best thing I ever bought for my acne problem. I recommend two things to sensitive skin folks out there...

1.) use it as a spot treatment and 2.) buy a moisturizer with SPF. These will come back the whiteheads and prevent the skin from drying out and causing the break outs.

"Listen to your mother" some would say and they're right. My mom used this for her dark spots. She used this twice a week and in two weeks her face is almost clear of the spots. Hopefully we'll both have clearer, more beautiful skin by the end of the month.

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George Preston, ny
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Reviewed on October 9, 2009

I've had 3 knee surgeries, the first of which was in 2002 from a doctor who really didn't know what he was doing. As a result, I got this huge scar on my knee with 13 little raised scars from the stitches, that I call my football laces. I'm Asian, so I get keloid scars and eventually I just stopped caring about it since I didn't think there was anything I could do about it.

I had another surgery in 2006 where the doctor removed my old scar (still had the laces), and I again did nothing. My scar started out as thin and much prettier, but because I didn't take care of it, it eventually spread because of the stretching of the skin while my knee bent.

Third surgery was in January of this year, the doctor removed my scar again and kept the laces, but this time, I've decided to take care of this scar.

I started using the Dr. Max Powers Scar Cream (from [link removed]) 4 times a day 5 days ago and I all ready see a HUGE difference! My raised laces have smoothed ou

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Reviewed on August 21, 2009

LOVE this product! And it is so cheap! Definitely worth a try - I think everyone should at least try this out to see if it works for them. I am very excited about how it has been working for me.

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