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Metazene Niacinamide Gel
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Inexpensive Soothing Works Great none so far Bought this as a last resort for my teen daughter who was getting terrible breakouts on her cheeks and around her mouth. The acne was making her want to hide out from her friends, and it was making me feel so bad for her. We were so desperate. I researched online, found this forum, read the positive reviews, took a chance on 15 bucks and ordered Metazene 5 gel from LifeLink. It came in a silver can and contained a clear, watery gel. Daughter immediately went off of the Tazorac/Dapsone, which was causing her to peel very badly, and began using Metazene 5. We literally saw results overnight as several pimples came to a head then quickly cleared up. It seemed as if there was finally hope. One month later, she still gets a few pimples, but the size of them and the severity are much, much less than what we were dealing with before. No more clusters of breakouts. Any pimples can now easily be covered up with Physician's Formula Makeup (mineral coverup, primer, and mineral foundation....we purchased it in a kit form) There has been no peeling as the aloe soothes the skin. Her skin is glowing and it looks dewy thanks to the niacinamide. Whether you buy it or make it yourself, please give it a shot. It is the best thing we've found so far. Best of luck! Thank you LifeLink for giving my daughter her confidence back.


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Really does hydrate May be helping prevent acne None so far I've been on this for a few weeks. So far so good! I usually can't use any moisturizers, even the so called non comedogenic ones because they break me out, but this hasn't done that -- and it's actually hydrating my skin -- no other moisturizer has ever really added moisture. I don't really have much acne at all, but I was starting to feel like I was getting it again and now that weird tingly feeling under the skin is gone. I've gotten no new acne at all so far while using this. It's supposed to lighten skin and improve texture too, but I haven't noticed that as of yet. That would take longer than a few weeks, likely months. I will update if anything changes with a new review under the same name.


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Prevents breakouts. Seems to heal my skin barrier. Absorbs into skin well and doesn't feel like you have anything on your skin. This has 3 great ingredients, and I love that it's simple. Aloe, Witch Hazel, and Niacinamide. All of these are great for acne and healing skin barrier from over exfoliation. It has not gotten rid of my black heads and closed comedones, but studies show it does effectively reduce acne.

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It has more than 3 ingredients: after water, aloe nicinamide and witch hazel, there's kosher vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, carbomer, TEA, meythl/propyl paraben.
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