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Research studies retinoids

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Labgirl - I am a researcher (social sciences - but I still am very data oriented!), so I like reading the studies posted here too. Do you know if there are any good studies on retinoids out there that were done independent of the drug companies (I would be particularly interested in Differin - as that is what I am using)? Almost every study I have found on Differin has been conducted by Galderma. I just can't get past the biases drug companies must have when they are evaluating the efficacy of their own products. Or when one drug company tests its retinoid product against another drug company's retinoid product, their product always tests better (or as good as) the other company's drug. I always wonder how skewed their reporting of results are. For example, studies done by Galderma to evaluate Differin show that <1% of participants get acne flares (and these are people with moderate-severe acne). This does not seem consistent with the personal experiences of many who use this product (even those with mild acne), and does not seem consistent with how the drug works on the skin.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!


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