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The main objective of this pinned thread is so that all of the Accutane users have an opportunity to post their Accutane before and after pictures in order to enable easier viewing by other members. We are hoping that this thread will facilitate locating the before and after photos, as well as alleviate some of the difficulties associated with the screening process in the original gallery.


1. Post your before and after Accutane photos in ascending order.

2. Write a one sentence description explaining how many mg of Accutane you were taking and the

length of time.

3. No discussions should occur in this thread.

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Celebrating Fishbulb to the fullest...

“... as the moon lingers a moment over the bitterroots, before its descent into the invisible, my mind is filled with song. I find I am humming softly; not to the music, but something else; some place else; a place remembered; a field of grass where no one seemed to have been; except a deer; and the memory is strengthened by the feeling of you, dancing in my awkward arms.â€

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I was on 40mg of accutane for 6 weeks then on 60mg for 5months. I was taking no other medication and did nothing special to my skin other than take my make-up off with soap and I used eucerine moisturiser morning and night.

Before accutane treatment

IPB Image

Three months into accutane treatment

IPB Image

Two weeks after Accutane treatment finished (6 months after starting treatment)

Although I have eye make-up on I am only wearing a thin layer of translucent power, NO FOUNDATION

IPB Image

Three months after finishing accutane

Only eye make-up NO foundation

IPB Image

A little something I jus threw together.

IPB Image

If you have any questions just send me a PM. Good Luck to anyone on accutane.

Lara xxx

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I can't find any photos pre-tane, my computers memory got wiped since.

Mid-tane - I was on holiday and it sucked so bad...

IPB Image

The day I finished tane;

IPB Image

And now (scuse the hair, it dried naturally and my sis managed to catch me on camera!)

IPB Image

Im quite impressed with the improvement and it was worth the pain and money all the way.

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Hey, guys. I started accutane Jan 27 2006 and finished June 25 2006. I took 40 mg a day start to finish.

First week of accutane:



Halfway through:



Day after I finished:



Month after I finished:



Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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Before, During & After Pictures of My Accutane Course!

Be grateful your life is so free of problems that this actually seems like one.

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Before Starting:


About 2 months


About 4 Months


Finish (5 months)



First month I was on 40mg.

Second month 80mg.

Third 80mg then switched to 60mg.

Fourth 80mg.

Fifth 80mg.

I stopped a month early because my triglys were at a whopping 498 up from 98 in the beginning.

Not perfect. But better.

Update: If you don't clear up totally kiddies don't give up hope. It took me a couple extra months and some high quality vitamins before I finally quit getting the occasional cyst. Now I'm doing great (::knocks on wood::) with only the occasional whitehead. I still use 2.5 BP most nights though.

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My accutance process.

one month before starting accutance

June 12, 2006 - Benefit Gala


night before my accutane appointment. all my friends threw me a goodluck, get drunk party, 'cause it would be the last day i could drink alcohol as long as i was on the medicine.

July 23, 2006


two months into the process. 40mg

September 2006


four months into process. 80mg

November 2006


five months into the accutane program. 100mg

December 2006



As of monday, january 29, 2007, im still on 100mg accutane perscription. and am applying retin-a nightly.

if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at mistuh_mestizo@earthlink.net

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60 mg, 4 months (should've been longer but the ipledge thing.... :mad: ) I dont mind bein the first black girl on here :) we get skin problems too.


day 16 I was a mess. Was actually worse than it looks


day 32 serious cyst problems goin on but only on cheeks


day 63. a lot of discoloration but eventually evened out more


5 months after w/makeup


11 months after without makeup.

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Your all inspirations


*Be who you are and say what you feel, because the people that mind dont matter and the people that matter don't mind?! ~ Dr Seuss, great philosopher of our time LoL

My Regimen

40mg isotretanoin daily

Came off isotretanoin due to feeling like a cabbage, going for it holistically.

Jog half an hour each day to destress and to get oxygen levels flowing and blood pumping.

Morning - cleanse with clearasil 3 in 1 for sensitive skin

5 fruits and veg a day - or best to my ability to do this

********avoid HYDROGENATED FATS********

Supplements - Milk Thistle// Omega 3 & 6 fish oil capsules, cod liver oil // every other day, B5& B Complex//

emu oil - GOD SEND has made my red marks and scars fade

Night time - Cleanse using warm water... little bit of differin on spot prone areas (stress just tiny bit) and cetaphil moisturiser

Every few days - Benzyl peroxide on spot prone areas (helps oxygenate skin - stopping the "environments" for acne vulgaris forming)

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The first two photos I was on 40mg (for two weeks). After the third week, I started 80mg and have been on that dose ever since. The photos start from Dec 31st, 07 to Jan 26th, 08.

I started Accutane on the 22nd of December 2008.

Note: Some of the photos I'm wearing either no foundation or some. No concealer.




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Accutane done. Started 01/06/2007 Ended 24/01/2008

My accutane log

天若无雨 地上无伞

æ€å¿µè¥¿æ¹–è¾¹ æ¨æŸ³é£žé›ªå †çƒŸ

茫茫人海 心无岸

修炼一åƒå¹´ 一万年也无怨

心若ä¸å®‰ 痛能看è§

泪淹没视线 化ç«ç„°çƒ§çº¢å¤©

剪ä¸æ–­ ç†è¿˜ä¹±å‰ç¼˜


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Here is me in January and then in June

post-76275-1213405158_thumb.jpg post-76275-1213405276_thumb.jpg

this guy had an incredible transformation.


OMG! EVERYONE should check this lucky guy's face out. AMAZING improvement!

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the accutane chronicles ... parts I and II ... photos inside ... mission accomplished: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/My-Progre...ed-t198059.html

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Hi all. just thought i'd show you the sort of improvement i got with accutane.



And After


Sorry about the quality of this one, i took it with my phone.

Only those who chase dreams will be the ones who catch them

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Hi everybody!

Oh it's so long when I first read this topic and now I'm writing to it to shere this!

Wanted to share my experience and of course its results! PM if you have any questions!

Although I'm not happy for the red marks this drug has dramatically left, I uploaded these pics for to show Accutane's job. I think this redness will subside a little more and so my pores might get a little smaller (from nose pic I think you understand at least)

I HAD body acne but it was gone before I even noticed it being disappearing! It was superb.

I started to use this drug January 17th 2008 and I was most likely in this same situation already in mid of May (5 months ago!) but slowly to reach the cumulative dosage (Ended to get 131mg/kg) I stopped to use this drug October 12th 2008 being whole course on 30mg a day.

These pics aren't from the day one; these are from March 11th 2008











These are from mid of May:










And these are from October 24th 2008 :D








Nose :o :




After this whole process, I'm more than happy to start this course and hope this will last and acne won't bother me anymore. This was a success. I know these marks (maybe the lightning make it look less bad as it is now) will heal in time and I might, someday, look fabulous! : P

Btw, I have had even a girlfriend this summer, lasted about 4½months but that was it.. It was a shame.. Now everyone is calling me as a ladies' man (or what ever you call it) because there is so many girls fall in love with me (no, this is not funny! Those are my friends! I can handle one, but...)

If you still think is it worth it, it is! Low dose (as you can say I had) course is great; just dry lips and dry skin but nothing else! : P


Zech <3<3

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*Roaccutan - 30mg/0.49mg/kg/day

*Started: 01/17/08 - Finished: 10/12/08 (270 days)


Antibiotic: Kefexin: 750mg, twice a day, 03/26/08 - 04/04/08

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I started on April 15, 2008. 40mg twice a day for 6 months. I ended on October 15, 2008. *Knock on Wood* No break outs since.


The top left picture was taken before I took Accutane. The big picture is today, January 29.


Same thing here.


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My Accutane Log

Started 04/15/2008

Month 1: 40mg a day

Month 2: 40mg twice a day

Month 3: 40mg twice a day

Month 4: 40mg twice a day

Month 5: 40mg twice a day

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omg, I can't believe this.....

I am going to my doctor Wednesday see if I can go see a dermatologist. Hopefully one day I can post my picture on here :) You all give me hope!

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When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself. -Peter O'Toole

Vote 4 Pedro: Accutane Log

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Just got into my first month midst.Had severe breakout over the past 5 days,a good example of the starting flaring for tane i guess :(

Pictures taken on the 24th day into Accutane.

5 big red ones on the left -_-

4 medium sized one on the right. (my acne is always worse on the left side)

Okay heres the pics for 24th day into 20mg tane. (dont have any for post tane , sorry)

didnt post any for forehead/nose/chin because they cleared like a yr ago and didnt have much problem with them till now.

left cheek


right cheek


RED RED RED & they hurts too :(

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before 1

before 2

ta daaaa!!

after 1

after 2

was on an 8 month course..115 pounds, 20 yrs old..had hormonal mild/moderate but persistent acne..a lot of under the skin bumps around the chin area and cysts (1-4 per month)..

month 1-2: 40 mg

month 3-5: 80 mg

month 6: 40 mg

month 7-8: 40 mg every other day

^that's to the best of my knowledge.. :think: kindof all runs together after awhile..but i think that's about accurate..

anddd my skin has been clear ever since :D

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Today is my fourth day on Accutane (second time taking). I took a full course of it 3 years ago and it worked wonders, but the crap returned after a year I stopped. I am so hoping it'll end this crap once and for all this time round.

Taken a moment ago

"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds" - Aesop

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I remember posting here once in hopes of one day posting my own before and after pictures. Well, the time has come. I have been off accutane for a month now and my face is doing a lot better. I still got a lot of red marks but zero pimples, cyst.

Now that I have short hair I feel that my red marks show more but accutane is the best thing in the world! I am 100% happy and 120% satisfied.

Pictures (Ignore my facial expression I try to smile but always fail and I end up looking ridiculous)

Day 7 on accutane!





1 month after Accutane!

http://i33.tinypic.com/2re3wgm.jpg [me 2 days ago]





Enjoy! If you got any questions please feel free to contact me! I wish everyone on accutane the best of luck and 100% clear skin :)

Edited by P3dr0
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When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself. -Peter O'Toole

Vote 4 Pedro: Accutane Log

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Helllloooo Everyone!!!! :) So my story in a nutshell...started getting severe acne at 20ish was put on accutane at 21 in late february 20mg's daily got bumped up to 40 mg's daily in April and then got bumped up to 80mg's daily in June and have been on 80mg since. Pretty sure I'm finishing up my last month and I can honestly say going on accutane was the BEST decision I ever made (I really wasnt going to take it I said no the first time my derm offered it to me) but honestly the pictures speak for themselves...my side effects were minimal obviously dry/tight skin and lips some redness in my skin and eyes. but other than that just CLEAR skin I'm actually getting compliments on my skin now which is crazy to me....Accutane literally gave me my life back, I'm right back to the old outgoing, flirty, friendly, happy Kristina and I'm loving it....if you are reading these posts and considering acctuane DO IT...you will be soooo happy you did!! But good luck to all of you on your journey to clear skin!!!!





AFTER :dance:


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Whether it's the water comin' in from the roof

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Whether you fall Means nothing at all

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