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copper peptide advice PLEASE!

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Hey Angel just wanted to say I used this product daily without fail for 9 months a few years back and the scars on my back improved by 80-90%.

In terms of making the scars worse? Well in theory they might look slightly worse when you start off because the process involves removing damage to your skin which might reveal damage that at present isn't noticable and is hidden BUT that's only the initial stage and overall I didn't experience any worsening of my scars, I was genuinely amazed by the product sometimes.

My regeime was their exfol serum in the am, followed super cp serum in the pm. After a month or so I also started using glycolic acid once a week to exfoliate. I built the strenght of the acid up over time.

Genuinely the best product I have ever used on my back scars, and I have used a lot!!!!

Best of luck!!

ive been using exfol cream and super cop 2x at night followed by emu oil. this morning i woke up and inside my box car or rolling scars there are what looks like tons of pimples. only inside the margin of my scars tho. the area is super red also. what is this a sign of? when the pimples are gone will my scars be improved?

Don't use the cream, use the serum. I also found the cream caused pimples. The serum was way better and doesn't cause pimples

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