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Subcision Bruising and Swelling

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I’m having my first subcision for rolling acne scars next Thursday and am wondering how long it takes before i can go out in public???

I’m quite nervous about the bruising and swelling due to the previous results from a dermabrasion and pulsed dye laser (about 5+ j/cm2).

The doctor who is doing my subcision next Thursday also gave me a pulse dye laser treatment in June. She said it wouldn’t leave bruising, however, it looked like someone had drawn spots all over my face with a marker...This took 14 days to fade completely!!

Also I had a Full facial dermabrasion in Sep 2002 for rolling and superficial scars. The dermabrasion made my skin became worse i.e. hyper pigmentation and my scars become more obvious (I never noticed people looking at my skin till after the procedure)

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