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Johnny b

Pore keeps filling up again.....and again.. !

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Hi all.

Iam a new member to the forum and maybe a lot older than most of you!

Iam 31 years old and have suffered with acne on and off since the age of 14!

Ive had all kinds of lumps,bumps and (minimal)scarring aswell as goin thru a breakdown about it, roaccutane, glycolic peels, mental exhaustion.....u name it!!!

However my skin is real good now with just the occasional very mild outbreak.

In the last 10 weeks i had a huge spot emerge on my cheek.....i squeezed it as normal, it has now left a red mark that seems to look faded one day then more inflamed the next.It seems to keep refilling..........and i can always feel a little bump under the skin even when there appears to be no pus present???!!

Has anyone else had this?Any cures?Do you think worth havin glycolic peel again? Tried Freederm but i think this aggravates it.

This is possibly the worst spot id had for over ten years and now 12 weeks later it keeps refilling...just when i think its going!arrrgh..any advice please? eusa_wall.gifeusa_wall.gif



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I'm not saying get anything prescribed, but just to see what exactly it is and why it keeps coming back, you know?

Cheers to you too cool.gif

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