SELF Injecting Fillers for Rolling and Depressed Scars

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If you have pitted scarring look into Subcision-Suction as well as microneeding. Check out my success

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Hi there,
I've been following this thread and, and I am finally ready to take the plunge, and order some restylane and juvederm, I live in the UK.
I'm wondering if anyone would kindly PM some reliable sources.



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Like alot of people who are led to this thread by searching for DIY dermal fillers - while some of us may be here with different uses for dermal filler, it is still why we are here reading and sourcing our way to success.

The medical council, the assosiation of aethetic surgery, cosmetic medicine - they are determined to keep the public from obtaining any kind of dermal filler. They claim it to be for the best interest of the public and the people however this is clearly not the case - and is humananity at its most foul being typically money hungry.

IF the society of plastic surgery, and Aethetic medicine really did have a concern for public safety they would simply ban it from being "OFFERED AND ADMINISTERED" by anyone without a medical licence or training - such as those in the UK, who work at beauty parlours or hair salons and are administering cosmetic injections. This would make sense to stop, as these people shouldnt be offering this service to other individuals.

But what makes this situatuation wrong, and turns their defensive argument of "the products been restricted from individuals for safety measures" is they went to many lengths to make sure that their is NO POSSIBLE WAY an individual could obtain a safe, quality product, if they did decide to take a risk and DIY. They were obviously aware of this thread, as its one of the first which pop uo on google when you type in DIY self dermal fillers".

i beleive in another article (im in australia and here we cant get jack s**t) but in the UK, in regards to beauty therapists etc offering cosmetic treatments (which i agree with, but this statement puts things into prespective) : the women said she will go to the ends of the earth and back to see to it that cosmetic fillers are under perscription only, and apparently surgeons are happy to agree due to the PIP implant scare which has seen business dimish, and would revitalise the industry.

So ok, they want to ban inexperienced, untrained, people, businesses and services from offering the procedure to others - fine by me, but must they really go the the ends of the world to make sure people who have perhaps been DIY dermal fillers for years, use them for small acne depressions, or are previous nurses etc are unable to obtain a safe product to use IF they decide they want to try it themselves?. When will the world realise people are individuals, some would never ever consider getting a needle in their skin to begin with, some people would be idiots and go for gold without doing their research which is genetic selection at its finest - but must they really punish the people who may have spent months researching, and learning the anatomy and facial structure to do something which makes their lives a little happier when they couldnt other wise afford it? its not THEIR body, THEIR skin, and so far my expeirences with doctors and surgeons have been appaling to my family, i sometimes would prefer to study up on something and do help myself rather than trust someone whos after money with my life, especially if you have seen a surgeon contemplate on fixing a mess up or going home...and they chose going home which nearly costs a family member their life, makes you realise that medical specialists are humans aswell, many of them probably dont remember their training, where as someone who interesting in injecting themselve would be full of fresh new knowledge to use to their advantage.

ANYWAY: spend alot of time studying your facial anatomy, draw lines with a surgical pen for ateries, and circle muscle locations - this is how iv managed to do my own dermal fillers for years until they have recently closed down my source for fillers.... so like many others, the western world pushes people towards the services and products manufactuered in a thrid world country, under no regulations... and then wonder why anyone would do that? what about the women who injected cooking oil....thats depseration in pure form, and its the restriction on these medications that is to blame for people reaching to stupid lengths, like taking risks with dodgy chinese counterfeit products.

Anyway long story short, only option we have left is ofcourse chinese manufactures, BUT its not all bad, some chinese manufacturers who product medical HA product are fully certified and have onsite inspections etc - i think reyoungel was one i was going to try, they have been in business for 8 years, have had numerous site checks. Some suppliers also display a certificate of medical grading-i will order from somewhere (wont mention because no doubt there are money hungry industry folks waiting to hear of the next site which provides ha fillers so they can shut them down)

juveni.... yes stay away from juveni, I think thats the stuff I put in my lips 3 years ago, I got really sick, and it put me off fillers despite having been doing them myself for 4 years and always been happy, this one incident was enough to put me off for a while, until I was quoted $2500 for 2ml of radiesse, thats when I thought no way!! stay away from outsei and atesi (these are sold as HA fillers but contain biopoly D so are semi permanent and similar to juveni) if you do take a risk, inject a tiny amount in your foot with a sterile leur lock needle tip to test it out first. Theirs a few sites still offering restlyne and radiesse, but no doubt they are the counterfeit items and from hong kong. iv used the counterfeit and havent had any issues...apparently alot of you were ordering the counterfeit through canada pharmacy anyway, and you all seem ok to me lol.

Another option iv been looking at is the chemical properties of cross linked HA, as iv seen heaps of businesses who sell this product in 3 different grades, food grade, cosmetic grade, and medical grade, medical being sterile......what if it was supplied in powder form, and if its as simple as mixing with sterile water to mimic Restlyne as apparently it holds water, which would explain why Restlyne is so thick? i dont know, i guess im starting to get desperate but im thinking outside the box now, as we have to now that the “parents” have dictated what we do with out bodies. Would be nice if they did something useful with their time and cured cancer rather than take away peoples rights.

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Hello! New to the group. Tired of searching.  Need to know a reputable Canadian pharmacy to purchase restylane. Have used it several times in the past. Worked great! PM me if you can help. 

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