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Has anyone done this before? It looks interesting!

What is Vibradermabrasion?

Vibradermabrasion is a new form of microdermabrasion that employs vibrating paddles to smoothen skin rather than using crystal particulates, common to other treatments. It is more effective than conventional microdermabrasion at exfoliating dead skin. It causes no pain or discomfort and the vast majority of patients like it better. Face and neck can be treated in less than 15 minutes. The ingenious paddles allow us to easily treat large areas for partial or full body exfoliation.

What does it treat?

Vibradermabrasion treats skin irregularities and discolorations as well as very fine lines without pain and discomfort. It creates immediate results after just one treatment, but also starts to create new collagen in as few as three treatments.

How do those paddles work?

The paddles are designed for single patient use. Patients get their own Personal Vibraderm Kit that includes a small and large paddle set that will only be used on their skin. Therefore, no cross contamination issues exist. The paddle is placed in the handpiece and applied to the specific areas to be treated. The oscillation of the paddle stimulates new collagen and fibroblast growth in the dermis. This increase in collagen growth has the potential to improve the lasting effect of the vibradermabrasion treatments.

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