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kg = lbs = 2.2lbs to 1 kg...

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If you're wondering about how to calculate kilograms to lbs, as I was, try this site:

They have a converter there, and just put in your weight, and voila!!!

Not that it matters in my case, as I am on 10mg per day for resistant rosacea with p & p's...but at this rate, I will 125mg/kg/ = total treatment it will be




more than 2 years? At this rate? Hmmm...I was never good in math, but...on low doses I wonder how that will work out.. eusa_doh.gif

I am on 10mg isotretinoin every day. Been on since June 18, 2005. Never felt better physically! And I'm hoping for lasting remission...will be on a maintenance program towards this goal....

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