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How does skin grime tie in with the Regimen?

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If you have finger nails try scraping your skin in the shower. Once I tried scraping down my arms with my finger nails after soaping up my body and washing it down and I could see dirt and grime or something build up under my fingernails. It was sort of an eye-opening experience for me, since I thought the soap was doing pretty well to keep my clean. Ever since then I tried scrubbing with a wash cloth or maybe a bathing brush in hopes to clean myself of dirt and grime though I'm not sure if I'm getting all the dirt and grime off my body and if there is something else I should do to purge my skin.

Anyway, one time I decided to try this on my face and scraped against it with my finger nails and found the same dirt and grime underneath, which made me start to think maybe it's all this dirt and grime that causes me to break out. I've tried using a washcloth before to try and scrub my face clean, but with mixed results, sometimes my skin got better, sometimes worse. Anyway, I'm not using any scrub or washcloth now (Regimen recommends against it), but what are you supposed to do with all this dirt and grime on your face that's embedded in your skin? I don't think the BP would get rid of it nor would the moisturizer, even soap doesn't get rid of it, with my experiences in the shower. I guess I'm also afraid of the BP and moisturizer getting absorbed and adding more to the dirt and grime underneath my skin. Does any one have any useful insight into this matter? Thanks.

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