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Breaking out cause of Zinc supplement?

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Well I had been taking this Zinc supplement with 50mg Zinc and 2mg Copper. I had been taking it for months and months and my acne was pretty much under control. At one point I wouldn't get spots for a whole week. I switched moisturizers recently and noticed I was breaking out more on my forehead and decided to switch back to my old one which doesn't break me out but makes my face look kinda oily and greasy. I was trying diff moisturizers to get a matter look.

Well since I switched moisturizersto old one last week I switched Zinc supplements because I noticed suprisingly that my previous one had 53mg of Iodine (as Kelp) which I assume is the casing that holds the Zinc. I have always read that Iodine was bad for acne suffers.

For the last week and a half I have just been taking regular plain amio acid chelated Zinc which is the same as a supplement above and take 3 x 15mg Zinc wiht 0.75 copper.

I now have been breaking out on my forehead quite a bit and they are bigger spots than usual and a lot redder. Also I have large spots on my back which I never get.

Now decided to completely go back to old moisturizer and zinc with iodine.

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