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aloe vera and retin-a?

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Just found this site the other day, and am SOOOO grateful to find a support group to vent, explore, and see suggestions. I am too embarased to talk to other people, and sometimes i get so depressed and dejected that it makes me antisocial.

brief history - had tons of breakouts from mid school on, went to a derm, on retin-a and for the most part it has worked. i've been on retin for a while now (5 years or so?), and i cannot imagine not going through my day w/out using it to go over my acne, or marks.

lately i've been pretty bummed about some marks (PIH i'm guessing) left over from some nasty squeeze/popping episodes. It's stuck around for a few months and has made me absoolutely committed (esp after once these hopefully clear soon) to never squeeze like that ever, unless they are so ripe and ready and easy to clean (you can tell which ones are, after using retin for a while).

So anyway, i'm panikcing b/c im starting a new job on monday, and trying to get rid or at least lessen the dark brown (i have darker skin, so its darker not red) spots. i have used the neutrogena acne fade peel thing, and i think it works, but havent seen much of an effect yet (only 2nd day). i kept it on for about 30 min today and opps, the entire area was slightly whiter afterwards, mostly the non-brown area, while the brown area kinda stayed the same. But don't worry, they went away.

after washing that stuff off, i made some grean tea, and just used the tea and put that on the spots. let it dry, put on a few coats. no other vitaims, just the green tea straight from leaves. afterwards, i added some aloe vera (not 100% pure like i've seen others talk about, can't find it so i'm just using hawaiin tropic...)

i put on my retin-a after the aloe vera, and now i'm just hoping to wait out the day and hopefully it will work.

my question is, will the combination of retin work with the aloe? obviously i have aot of trust in the retin, b/c ive used it and most of my acne and lighter marks fade relatively quickly. but these are pretty worse than the normal ones.

i'm getting pretty desparate, and just want to look and feel confident for monday. any suggestions? i dont think i'll be using any other of the methods i've read about (vinegar, eggs, etc.), but hoping that the neutrogena peel, (probably one more time tomorrow), and retin and aloe works. By the way my retin is .1%.

thanks so much everybody. i am grateful for the outpouring of support i've seen in so many of these posts!

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