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My Acne Program

Started by Antony Antony

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Just a quick question seeing you seem to have researched this so thoroughly.

I live in Aus, and over here right now I can't get Golden Delicious Apples, apparently they just moved out of season and none of the fruit shops around here have any...

What would the next best kind to eat? I did notice the word green was mentioned and the fruit shop lady said the last lot of goldens that came through looked almost like granny smith apples.

I have a whole bunch of granny smith apples here and when I asked her she said the Pink Lady or Royal Gala apples would probably be the closest to the golden delish apples. I ended up buying a bag of Pink Lady apples and have been eating them.

- - - - -

Prior to reading about your diet I already decided myself to clean up what I was eating, I didn't really look into it too hard I just made common sense choices

I weened myself off juice and cordial and softdrinks and now drink primarily water and a range of teas I now seem to be addicted to smile.gif I stopped consuming dairy and have a powdered soy milk called Wheylite.

Breakfast I have weet-bix, which you can probably guess are like bricks of wheat with the wheylite.

Foodwise I eat a lot of chicken, tuna, fresh salads and fresh fruit. Lately I have been drinking a lot of fresh juice made myself out of beetroot, carrots, oranges, apples, pineapple and pears depending on what I have in the fridge.

I try to avoid anything with high amounts of sugar and fat, I've pretty much stopped eating any takeaway, no pizzas, no burgers etc. The only thing I really will consider eating is Subway and that wouldn't even be once a week. It seems crazy at first but once you start eating healthy you wonder how the hell you ever used to eat all that crap :/

Excercise wise I run probably 5/7 nights a week for 15-30 mins, and do some moderate weights (mainly building my shoulder back up after motorcycle accident where I broke my collarbone and all the muscles etc have deteriorated a fair bit) and other excercises, pushups, crunches.

- - - - -

I am on minocycline at the moment, and I'm not sure whether its that or the diet thats done the work probably both. But my acne has improved vastly, I'm say 95% clear and as an added benefit I can now see my abs biggrin.gif

I tried living on the BP Gel but ultimately I found my face always feeling dry and irritated plus constantly bleaching my fringe blonde and all the colour out of my sheets and pillowcases. For me it didn't seem to be consitent, if it kept me 100% clear I probably could put up with it but alas it didn't

My cleansing regimen at the moment consists of -


* Spot treat any exisiting stuff with tea tree oil (sits for like 10 mins)

* Medihoney mask - just smear a thin layer over my face and neck and leave it sit for another 10 mins or so. I was really skeptical of this as smearing honey into your face seems like the stupidest thing ever and its just going to block all your pores up. Mum suggested it to me as its supposed to be really good for eczma and it is anti bacterial. Been doing this for about 2 weeks and it has not made it worse.

* In shower rinse face and I use a Dove "Beauty" Bar (mum had some and I experimented once and found it really great, seems to cleanse really well and not dry out too much) which looks like soap but is a cleansing bar + 1/4 moisturiser. I use that all over my back/chest + a scrubby mesh exfoliator cloth thing and lather up my hands to use of my face no (exfoliator thing on face as that would be too irritating).

Night I do pretty much the exact same thing but I also use the same J&J blackhead clearing scrub with s/a I think that was from Botchla's regimen gently on my face and shoulders before showering. Skin seems really smooth after that.

- - - - -

Anyway I just decided to give the fast-flush a go to see if that will offer any futher improvement to both my health and my skin.

Going to give you diet a go, was kinda stuck on a breakfast choice and I've never had oatmeal before EVER, shall be interesting smile.gif The rest of the diet is fairly close to what I am already eating so that part is easy.

Any comments/suggestions would be more than welcome as you seem so knowledgeable razz.gif

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CHIKIN: great you're very healthy, you right it's mostly common sense don't to stress to much about it, it's really quite obvious eat whole-foods basically (fruits, vegetables, chicken, turkey, fish) not packaged/processed/junk/fast food. i think the fast-flush and supplementation will make a big diff for you, esp the fast-flush; only major concern of mine is that you don't mention moisturizing in your cleansing regimen and this is a big deal for acne sufferers even when their skin seems oily because washing actually dries out your skin triggering you oil glands to sense they need to overcompensate; dove product you use is as with all dove products allegedly pH-neutral (7.0) but your skin's acid mantle is pH 4.5-6.5 with an average of pH of 5.5 and so this pH discrepancy disrupts the delicate acidic balance on the skin, which is bad for acne. you should maybe consider the topicals mentioned in the cleansing section of the program, and definitely you should moisturize right after every shower. good luck!

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thought i'd add: be careful w your juices as despite seeming healthy and being full of vitamins fruit juices can actually be "dangerous" for acne sufferers as they rapidly raise blood sugar causing insulin spike which is a HUGE trigger for acne. MUCH MUCH MUCH better is to make VEGETABLE juices if you.

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Oops yeah I left out moisturising smile.gif

I moisturise with neutrogena oil free moisture after a towel pat down after showers in the morning.

I am also using a prescribed Differin Cream overnight which I put on after a shower and have air dried my skin.

I do have some cetaphil gentle cleaner liquid stuff, which is what I used to use before starting the dove stuff. It felt to me like it wasn't cleansing enough, I really am unsure though as with all the treatments and washes etc I've gone through over the last few years seeming to dry out your skin, it feels bad if the skin still feels oily/greasy to me.

I know dryness is bad, and I do always moisturise but it feels uncleansed to me when it still feels a bit slick. Maybe something I need to get over heh confused.gif

The dove has really helped with my shoulders/back immensley, maybe I'll stick with that and go back to using the cetaphil on my face.

Fruit juice I do realise can be bad... but it tastes so good smile.gif I might try cutting back to vege juices... mmmm beetroot, celery, carrot and apple... eusa_sick.gif ah its not that bad, I just like pineapple so much and they seem to be super nice at the moment here sad.gif

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hey antony,

you've mentioned a few times that oil glands, when sensing dried out skin, will "overcompensate" and produce even more oil than normal. i've read the opposite here on by a member bryan who stated that sebum production stays constant no matter what topical conditions are present. (here's the topic:

so, my question is, why do you think what you think? is it from personal experience or different clinical tests? i'm sure you have good reason for it... i personally feel that when i moisturize, my face is less oily in some places or has a different feel to it, i.e. oil doesn't feel as thick. but i was never really sure why, and after reading bryan's post, i just chalked it up to daily hallucinatory experiences. eusa_think.gif anyways, let us know what you think.

another question: how are you doing?

another statement: thank you very very VERY much for helping me/us out and for posting your regimen. i'm absurdly excited about starting it this summer. are you really confident that it will work for everyone? i hope so...

hope everything is good,


If the dealer dealt a fucked up hand of cards you've gotta play 'em


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IGMP, thanks I'm doing really well, terrific actually, but very busy these days. i think i remember reading that thread you linked months ago, before i ever even joined, and it fascinated me. i was fascinated by how the cited sources pointed to respected dermatologists (albeit 40 years ago, when we knew only a fraction as much about acne as we do know, which still is surprisingly little) had earnestly believed that sebum production was constant and unaffected by the relative dryness of the stratum corneum, which would appear to render sebum a rather ineffective regulatory mechanism in terms of environmental response.

some background: it's important to bear in mind that people with dry skin can have acne because they can have hyperkeratinization (excess skin cell shedding within pore) even though their sebum production is comparatively low; the pores will still be blocked by the excess shedding of epithelial cells, at a rate of something like every 3 days rather than roughly every 28 in the case of most acne sufferers. conversely, people with oily skin can be acne-free because despite high sebum production their keratinization is normalized so skin cells within the pore do not desquamate (shed off) so quickly and unevenly as to clump and stick together, thereby potentially blocking pores. most people with moderate+ acne appear to have both hyperkeratinization and excess sebum production. while the relative dryness/oiliness of skin isn't directly correlated with acne, the sebaceous glands do appear to regulate their secretions according to the relative dryness/moistness of the skin.

i do not have the time i'm afraid to find and link clinical evidence for the pilosebaceous unit containing dermal sensors to monitor to the relative humidity of the skin and summon the sebaceous reponse to regulate the corresponding degree of moisture-- all i know is that (a) people, including myself, who tended to overdry their skin with overwashing and/or washing with skin-drying soap and who then simply wash no more than twice per day, always without soap, almost universally experience an objectively noticeable improvement; (b) those, including myself, who have used benzoyl peroxide or similarly drying products in their regimen and then suddenly lapse from such a regimen experience either uncharacteristically high oiliness and/or breakouts; © those, including myself, who begin to use a daily non-comedogenic moisturizer notice a significant reduction in the occurence and severity of breakouts; and (d) if the purpose of sebum is to lubricate the skin and maintain a constant median level of lubrication, would it not make sense for sebum production to fluctuate correspondingly in response to comparatively dryer or moister skin to maintain this median level of lubrication via increased or decreased sebaceous secretion?

the keratin in the epithelial lining of the pilosebaceous unit does have a neurosensory function, and i see no reason why this should not extend to regulating sebaceous activity. the amount of androgenic stimulation of sebaceous gland receptors and the receptors own sensitivity to such stimulation are what prompts the glands to produce sebum to the extent they do, but it is both theoretically sound and experientially unanimous that topical moisturization can and does normalize sebaceous secretion. of course it cannot affect either the androgenic stimulation of oil gland receptors or these receptors' sensitivity to such stimulation, and so the sebaceous glands will persist in their production of sebum so long as the preceding two factors persist, yet a moderate but meaningful regulation of sebaceous production does appear to be achieved by something as simple as moisturization.

interesting to note that bryan and his backers argued their point on purely theoretical grounds, instead of drawing any observations from their own experience with moisturizing versus consistent use of overdrying topicals, soap and overwashing. anyone who has such experience will know what works best. there may be a physiologic process hitherto unrevealed for the extent of the pilosebaceous unit's "intuition" of the relative dryness/moistness of the skin and consequent tweaking up or down of sebaceous secretion. what matters quite frankly is what works for you and your own skin, not what an academic paper says. would you rather show up at a party all spotty but with an academic paper in your hand so you can tell your friends that's not your fault that you're spotty because some researcher said it was OK for you to wash with soap five times a day and never moisturize because this doesn't affect sebum production, or would you rather ignore the academic paper, wash twice a day max never with soap on your face and always moisturizing afterward, and showing up at that party noticeably clearer if not altogether clear? experience, not theory, is the FINAL judge of everything we do. if you find that washing/soap/moisturizing to varying degrees makes no discernible difference to your acne, then that's great for you. but if a dermatologist tells you that something makes no difference to your acne but you find that it actually makes a huge difference, who are you going to listen to? the dermatologist because their theory sounds more convincing than your real-life experience? dermatologists are all walking around convinced that what you eat has no effect on your skin anyway, so would you really be surprised of this discrepancy? wink.gif

my philosophy in a nutshell:

let your own skin show you the way, not somebody else's opinion.

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umm...i was wondering....

if you have tried proactiv solution??

nope, i am not a sales representative...i was just wondering if you have any info about it? sorry, i know this isn't th eplace to ask, but seeing you are a veteran at products [seems to be, i have read your comment on acne free in three days] i was wondering if you could give somment about that too?

thank you...

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Hey Antony,

First of all I'd like to thank you and all other individuals who answer questions in the forum to try and help people like me who are desperately trying to find a way to get rid of acne....

I've been reading your posts and I've read over your regimen. I'm starting it as soon as my supplements are delivered, because I've noticed that even a small change in my diet helps my skin. I have a couple of questions for you before I get started though.

1) How should I prepare the vegetable juice? In other words, do I need to go buy a juicer and start preparing my own juice, or can I go to the store and just buy some vegetable juice, like V8 Or something?

2) How should I prepare the chicken/fish? I am an 18 year old male, and I don't know how to cook AT ALL. I've read that microwaving is not permissible... Being a young male in America, this is honestly the only way I know how to cook. How do you cook chicken and fish? Boil it? That's all I know how to do...

I know... It's sad.

Thanks for your help.

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I'm almost done with the fast and flush! Tonight, I just have to drink the olive oil mixture and I'll be finished. Antony, would it be alright if I ate chicken and salmon tomorrow? I know that you say that the day following the olive oil mixture one should take it very easy with what they eat, but I need food! Would it be a total waste if I ate some chicken and salmon tomorrow?

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Can I eat carrot and apple at the same time during fasting? I am chinese, I read the book from the chinese doctor saying that the combination of the carrot and apple is the best 'medicine' during fasting. Carrot is the best fruit to cleanse the toxins in our livers.

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Fascinating read, it's impressive to hear from somone who has obsessed

over acne as much or more than I have in my 20 something year battle.

I too have been on Accutane, twice, 20 years ago and 10 years ago. Each

time my acne improved long term from it. But I've still had to mainain both

a dietary and medical regimin to get it back in shape.

There are a few things I wanted to point out you may find interesting:

The filmy coating on apples that are not organic is not pesticide, though

that may very well be on there, they generally tend to clean them off. It

is the pesticide they are treated with that they soak up from accumulation

on the groud, as do other fruits/vegetables treated.

Simply. It's not avoidable, if pesiticide is used, it's a part of what you eat.

What you may be tasting is 'food quality' petroleum, put on Apples and

tomatos and cucumbers and others. Yes, derived from Petrol, it's more

crap to be avoided. But in total, organic is always better if possible.

You recommend Omega 3 sources, I agree, but carefully. The best

source of Omega 3, AHA/DHA is fish oil. Most of the worlds fish are

contaminated with mercury. Even if you find a source free of it via

testing and careful harvesting from rare low pollution areas such as

the seas north of northern Europe, it may contain Iodine. Iodine is,

for me and others, a causor of breakouts.

Flax oil isn't safe either. I wish it was, I used to take it until I'd read

that the form of Omega 3 in it, Alpha Lineolic Acid (ALA) can cause

an increased risk of prostate cancer in men. Borage oil may also

contain a harmful toxin, if you Google, you'll see info on that.

The safest may very well be Evening Primrose Oil, it's the most

widely tested, though not as high as Omega 3's. If one finds a

tested mercury free fish oil supplement and one isn't reactive

to Iodine as I am, then it should be safe for consumption.

I applaud your plan. If followed, many aspects of it lead me to

believe it can help, and your face is proof of that. I'm finding for

me, with my complex life, it's just not something I could follow.

I declared war on acne years ago and decided I'd do anything if

I thought it may help, but my schedule wouldn't allow a lot of it.

Lifestyle chage has helped me but it's taken a while. Gradually

eliminating trans fats / partially hydrogenated oils, greatly

reducing dairy (all but eliminating milk) and avoiding the

dietary halogens (Iodine, Flouride, Chlorides and Bromides)

that I react to has taken time, but I get better at it as I go on.

Mark D.

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Well im 24 hours in, and am sick of apples already smile.gif Sitting here drinking my lemon water as I type.

Todays "purge" was rather uh regular, so i guess that means its started doing what its supposed to.

You must've missed my earlier question in my giant post of ramblings tongue.gif, about not being able to get golden delicious apples... cause if I am wasting my time with eating granny smith/pink lady apples I'd rather know now than after 3 days!

Just general common sense would say to me that it is still going to work, although maybe not quite as great as if I were consuming only golden delicious apples.

Also just a query about the 3 days of sole apple eating, why 3 days? Is there some special signifigance? Theoretically to me the longer you kept it up the more toxins/whatever you will clean out of your system. However if this liver flush thing is designed as an alternative for people wanting to pass gall stones i.e older people rather than surgery, well their liver/gall bladder would obviously be a lot older and congested with crap over the years they have lived etc.

Myself being 21 and already eating well, not drinking much at all (like probably every 2 months if not less) my liver/gall bladder should be in pretty good nick at the moment.

I was thinking of doing the apples for 2 full days rather than 3, but if there is some special reason that needs over 48 hours for something to occur I have no problems staying on for the 3 days.

To me again this seems like it will still do something and be beneficial, just maybe not quite as much as an extra day, but why not 4 or 5... I do understand it would not be healthy to only eat apples for extended periods of time, but am just curious to why the 3 days? Is it just a good medium, between doing not enough and starting to become a health risk?

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You may also opt for the additionally bowel-cleansing psyllium husk and bentonite shake suggested by myskinsucks, to do each day during the apple fast to ensure open and efficient channels of elimination so that all the built up impurities can quickly be excreted from your system as they are freed up for elimination, instead of loitering around and potentially making you nauseous, fatigued and even possibly feverish during the fast-flush.

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im back..

sory that i post this today...

i undergo in your program..


happy because apple is my favorite Fruit..


hungry but i eat alot


hungry again

4rth day

in afraid to drink Olive oil so i skip it..

then on 5th day i immediately go to Toilet..{when i woke up]

then then today no more ance is my face just the black mark or that Acne

...... thx again anthony i hope this will go on..

Sorry my english is veryvery BAD!!!!!!

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Antony... The Emu Oil Moisturizing Lotion you recommend looks pretty good, I've just been doing the only wash with water routine for about 4 or 5 months (my main problem is just old red marks), but I really need to find a moisturizer for summer, but theres a fragrance in it and I'm just wondering if it's irritating at all because of that, cause I know fragrance is a pretty good irritant.... And also, what would you recommend for a good sunscreen? I heard just using Virgin Coconut Oil works pretty well and is a good moisturizer as well?


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QUEEN ROSETA: i've never tried proactiv

DRCJR87: best is to buy a juicer and make your own juices or, if you can't bother, buy V8.

don't be embarrassed about the 'culinary impairment'- i couldn't so much as boil an egg my first year of college, just a year later by necessity i taught myself through trial and error how to do it. it's actually pretty straightforward, for chicken you get the raw chicken breast/legs and put them on a sheet of tinfoil on top of a baking tray in an oven (the metal tray in the oven). follow the temperature and timing directions on the label. if you don't have an oven then the alternative is a microwave. for fish like salmon, pour a bit of olive oil in a frying pan and put the fish in it, putting the pan on the stove at a medium-to-low temperature, turning it around with a fork while sprinkling a bit of salt and pepper on it. the fact is that you're gonna burn stuff and mess it up the first few times-- everybody does-- but with time and practice anyone can become a master chef! and the ladies love it.

JOHNNY CRUZE: the important thing is that you do the fast-flush exactly as advised. the next day at least ease your digestive system back into regular foods very gradually as suggested, but if you still want a lot more filling food then at least introduce it in parts gradually, so fruits and vegetables and maybe soup throughout the day building towards a big dinner. also must stress as i am for everyone that diet is only one part of my program and that it complements the other components which are equally important to see results

SHELYN: I would recommend just the apple but then eating LOTS of apple and carrot together after the fast if you want to prolong the cleansing power of the fast throughout your regular diet. carrots are rich in beta-carotene which is converted by the liver to vitamin a, and as such is very beneficial for acne (accutane is a synthetic derivative of vitamin a)

MARK D: thank you very much for your support and especially your contribution of points and tips. you've done a lot of firsthand expreimentation with your diet's effect on acne yourself-- i think what you're really going to see results with now is phasing into your lifestyle all the other components. this on top of your diet is going to make the difference. and what a difference it will make.

CHIKIN: 3 days is long enough to be a thorough cleansing fast when done as advised but short enough to be realistically practicable for most people to do every now and then without significantly interrupting or curbing their general lifestyle and other priorities. alternative to golden delicious apples for the fast is cucumbers, only cucumbers for those 3 days.

SHELYN: primal defense is special brand of probiotic friendly bacteria that enhances digestive power and efficiency and by extension general health, with a frequently very significant impact on acne; P&B (psyllium and bentonite) shakes flush out the colon to ensure all toxins freed up during detox fast are efficiently eliminated so your system doesn't back up and you don't get toxic buildup. i must emphasize that the fast-flush is only one small part of the program and that after detoxifying the body it will only retoxify unless you strengthen your system following all the other protocols as well as you can!

CARMINA16: you've detoxed your body with the fast but you have NOT done the liver flush because you skipped the most important step (the olive oil-lemon solution). if you don't do this you don't detox your liver which means you can't go about rebuilding your liver into a more powerful organ for balancing your hormones. you can and should still do all the other components in the program as well as you can carmina16 but in the next week or so try and do the fast-flush again, this time exactly as advised or else you simply won't get the results you want! the marks left on your face are called "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation" or RED MARKS-- these fade with time but will fade more quickly if you follow my cleansing regimen. good luck!

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Antony... The Emu Oil Moisturizing Lotion you recommend looks pretty good, I've just been doing the only wash with water routine for about 4 or 5 months (my main problem is just old red marks), but I really need to find a moisturizer for summer, but theres a fragrance in it and I'm just wondering if it's irritating at all because of that, cause I know fragrance is a pretty good irritant.... And also, what would you recommend for a good sunscreen? I heard just using Virgin Coconut Oil works pretty well and is a good moisturizer as well?


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Ugh that olive oil/lemon solution was nasty... You don't realise 200 mL is almost a cup of freaken oil until you go to pour it out shock.gif Epsom salts and water are also quite a nasty mix, I managed 2 cups of that last night.

I decided I'd cut the apple fast to 2 days rather than 3, I might give it another shot when I do have access to Golden Delicious Apples.

Today when I woke up I felt rather sick, I coudln't stomach anymore epsom salt water :S I have been to the toilet but it wasn't super runny or anthing, I don't really have anything left in me! It was however pretty green lol.gif

I just juiced up some fresh veggies and apples... I can't wait to get into that... 20 mins!!!!!! I'm craving it so bad eusa_drool.gif

As a positive though, no new active acne has appeared on my face whilst doing the fast-flush. I think that speaks for itself that its doing something beneficial! cool.gif

Just as a side note, you were asked about proactiv and have not tried it. I have tried their products and it is actually the reason I found this site!

For me I found that it seemed to work for a few weeks probably about 3-4 and I cleared up to about probably 98% Then it started to get more inconsistant, I'd break out every now and then and it seemed to get worse as time passed. Feeling discouraged I searched for proactive reviews and stumbled upon this site smile.gif

It seems to work for some, but not others and it has come to my attention that apparently all the big name stars who push it have already been on acutane or something prior (which they do not say mind you) which makes a huge difference IMO!

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- while in shower take dollar-size amount of baking soda and rub wet into handful size paste, massage very gently in circles all over wet face, let sit 1 minute, rinse off

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The Secret Weapon of Supplementation

(starting on the 5th day and continuing indefinitely)

With every meal:

- 1 capsule Probiotic/Acidophilus

(most powerful probiotic Primal Defense by Garden of Life)

- 2 capsules DermaCleanse by ZenMed

(VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: only take 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on and so on; taking continuously results in clearing, breakout, clearing and so on; however, cycling as I advise results in sustained and ongoing clearing; only buy capsules nothing else)

- 1 tablespoon Total EFA or a good Essential Fatty Acid Omega-3 oil blend (liquid not capsules)

- if male: 2 capsules Saw Palmetto

- if female: 2 capsules Chasteberry

- if cystic acne (bumps and lumps that can't be popped-- nor should you try!):

-> 1 capsule Olive Leaf Extract

-> 1 capsule Oregano Oil

-> 1 capsule Deodorized Garlic tablet

- if suspected weak digestion: 1 capsule digestive enzyme blend

(most powerful digestive enzyme supplement OmegaZyme by Garden of Life)

With Breakfast:

- 1 multivitamin

DermaMed PhytoMe:


Perfectil: Skin, Hair and Nails

With Breakfast and Dinner:

- 15,000 IU Vitamin A

- 1 B-Complex

- 1000mg Vitamin C

- 400IU Vitamin E

- 50mg Zinc

- 200ug Selenium

- 200ug Chromium

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OOps... one more question, why do we need to eat 12 apples in a day? It is a lot to me. I started fasting yesterday and I managed to eat 8 apples only. Does it matter?

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This is my second day of fast-flush. I ate 8 apples yesterday and drink a lot of water with lemon diluted. This afternoon I just figured out that there are 3 pimples pop out on my forehead. I am not very sure what kind of pimples they are, they have no pain, no head.

Is it normal? Will I break out more??

I found that most of the people here has no break out during fast-flush but why except me?

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- bakind SODA not powder; if unsure check ingredients for "bicarbonate of soda" or "sodium bicarbonate"-- if it says either of those then that's what you want

- eat as many apples as you can until you simply are not hungry

-must drink olive oil with the lemon as advised; people who skip this step are not achieving the flush and won't get 1/10th the results of those who do it; I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that people do NOT skip this absolutely vital step

- if you are breaking out during the flush it is probably because you are not clearing out the colon for efficient enough elimination of toxins freed up by the fast; this is why I say it is so important to do either P&B shakes, cream of tartar or enemas; if your system gets backed up and you cannot excrete toxins quickly enough through the primary channel of elimination (colon and urinary tract) your body will resort to also excreting toxins through secondary channels of elimination (including the skin); do nightly enemas OR take the cream of tartar as advised (ask in your local supermarket where you can find cream of tartar-- it is a basic ingredient in cooking and is sold in practically all supermarkets; if they don't have it they can tell you where to find it).

- take all the supplements, it is PERFECTLY safe and many people take many, many more every day; you may not be used to it at first but it is only good and healthy for you, and you will get used to it very quickly; don't be scared, these will help you; with time once you have cleared you can take less and less and see if you stay clear

good luck shelyn

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On Chicken. Those eating it, be cautious, if you believe (as I know in my

case) you may react to Iodine, know that Poultry is high in it, and fish is

even higher. I'd tested myself extensively over a long period to make a

final determination. I hated giving that stuff up but I had to.

Mark D.

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