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My Acne Program

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In calculating vitamin A, never confuse micrograms, milligrams and IUs. This confusion is what sometimes causes overdoses of vitamin A.

Reread your information and be very careful.

0.15 milligram=150 micrograms=500IUs

edit: I looked up the dermamed and it seems to say that it is in the form of beta-carotene which is safer than pure A and is *usually* half the strength, so you'd 1/2 it to find the true retinol equivalency, unless the label is already giving the retinol equivalency (the website didn't show the label or the amount of each active ingredient, only that it is pro-vitamin A as beta carotene---so I don't know for sure, you'll have to do the math)

Sie, thanks for the clarification, but

On my dermaMed bottle (nutirtion for troubled skin), it clearly states Vitamin A -----150 IU

that is why the math totally didn't make sense to me!

no mention of beta carotene on the bottle.

mystery unresolved.

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I've always been skeptical of this regimen, considering Antony went on Accutane to clear his acne...

Thanks for all the answers, I guess breathing is more important than acne............!

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HMMMM , I was wondering if i, being of a certain age, 14, would be able to consume the supplement listed on the program. I'm also intrested in the fast flush, is this only restricted to adults, Has anyone else had any trouble with the fast flush??? Furthermore i have only a few spots on my face but a fair bit of blackheads on my nose and a grainy texture. Will this program by any chance clear my blackhed/GIGANTIC pores/ grainy texture / comedones Yeah so like yeah. Please settle my Queries , Warm regards :D

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How does the internal cleansing w/apple fast work alone without the facial cleansing routine?

I've always been skeptical of this regimen, considering Antony went on Accutane to clear his acne...

Oh.. well that's pertinent information. I don't even know if i should bother now. Well, maybe the cleansing part sounds interesting.

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How does the internal cleansing w/apple fast work alone without the facial cleansing routine?

for the 3 day apple fast, just google Edgar Cacey (not sure spelling exacly) 3 day apple fast,

then do a liver flush on day 4 and 5 ( information on liver flush availabe ar curzone). Liver flushes alone helped many here on this board regardless to athony's whole program.

good luck.

I've always been skeptical of this regimen, considering Antony went on Accutane to clear his acne...

Oh.. well that's pertinent information. I don't even know if i should bother now. Well, maybe the cleansing part sounds interesting.

why did Anthony go on acutane, and when did he? I though her was clear. Perhpas the acne came back, as he transformed a lot in a very short time -- too intense a program to keep up. I love to know what happened, Anothny.

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HMMMM , I was wondering if i, being of a certain age, 14, would be able to consume the supplement listed on the program. I'm also intrested in the fast flush, is this only restricted to adults, Has anyone else had any trouble with the fast flush??? Furthermore i have only a few spots on my face but a fair bit of blackheads on my nose and a grainy texture. Will this program by any chance clear my blackhed/GIGANTIC pores/ grainy texture / comedones Yeah so like yeah. Please settle my Queries , Warm regards :D

Im also wondering the same thing, im 16 and worried about loosing too much weight.


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Hey Antony, I took some time to read through your passage to clearer skin. I thought it was very useful information, but the only problem is, there's to many things for me to follow and show commitment to. Well i was wondering if you can send me the copy of Acne Free In 3 Days to my e-mail, I'm sorry I've bothered you like the many who have come to follow your powerful and useful advice. I am only a kid, at the age of 15, I suffer from moderate acne and scars. The only thing i lack is money :( so that's why i come to you, my savior, who will not only change my face, but also change my future to become what I've always wanted, to be an actor like you! :) You must know what I am going through. I await for your miraculous message to be sent. Thanks for listening.


If you currently suffer from acne, welcome to what will change your life. That's a promise I do not make lightly, having heard or read that exact same phrase myself more times than I can remember in my seemingly futile quest for clearer skin. This, however, is something quite different. This is my acne program. I have developed and perfected it over years of trial and error, adding things here and there as I've picked them up from countless current and former acne sufferers, dermatologists, estheticians, nutritionists, doctors, naturopaths, herbalists, traditional remedies, "acne cure" online e-books, acne- and skin-related books, medical journals and textbooks, and my own exhaustive personal experience. I have critically and experimentally vetted and discarded in these sources any and all hype, fluff, hearsay, empty jargon, abstract theory, deceptive marketing, baseless superstition, false-promise scamming and kooky quackery; in short, I have kept only what genuinely and consistently works in real life. Everything that follows can and will give you serious results, especially when combined altogether in the system laid out as follows. No matter your doubts or reservations as you read the program, know that everything that has been included has been included for one reason and one reason alone: IT WORKS.

This program also has the unique advantage of integrating only the most effective components of a dozen or so different e-books sold on the internet's leading "cure your acne" websites, some of which you have probably seen and thought about buying. These add up to a combined value of several hundred dollars-- which you're getting as part of an even more comprehensive and effective program... for FREE. I've taken only what actually works from all these expensive sites' "acne cures" and combined them for what is, most assuredly, the ultimate acne program.

I am very confident that anyone with mild to moderate acne, however persistent, will experience substantial if not complete clearing within 4-6 weeks of this program. Results will be visible sooner and the benefits are cumulative, carrying on indefinitely if you maintain as much of the key components of diet, cleansing routine, fast/flush, supplementation, and lifestyle as possible. But remember, the program is only as good as it is followed. If you do only one or two things out of the whole program, your acne will still almost certainly improve at least somewhat; if you do them all, your acne will very likely resolve. Those with severe, cystic, scarring, and/or significant truncal/body acne will experience noticeable improvement from diligent adherence to the program; truly dramatic clearing will follow after several months of consistency and persistence in all the steps.

The foundation of the program takes just 1 month to lay down, during which time you will get used to the increasingly familiar and straightforward daily routines of cleansing, supplementing and eating for clearer skin, complemented by occasional "fast-flushes" to enhance your body's elimination of wastes and toxins which otherwise burden the very organs and processes you will be strengthening for clearer skin. At this point you can begin to enjoy the cumulative benefits which actually enable you to "cheat" more and more as time goes by and as your body continues to "rebuild" itself from within into one that rapidly heals existing acne and ever more powerfully prevents future breakouts. The program starts with a fast and flush to detoxify your body so that you can rebuild it with a fresh start for the organs, systems and processes related to acne; you then settle into a healing but filling and nutritient-dense diet, which is accompanied throughout by a very effective, anti-inflammatory cleansing regimen. All in all, it's a totally comprehensive, safe and virtually guaranteed way to beat your acne! Give it a go-- you won't be disappointed.

Some people may find my regimen a little extreme in a world of quick fixes, but it has cleared and continues to clear me up pretty much completely and consistently, which is more than I can say for the thousands upon thousands of dollars' worth of commercial and prescription products and antibiotics bought and used over years and years to no avail. Let me tell you, to be able to look at myself in the mirror with the light ON for the first time in 7 years has been, at least for me, worth any amount of what follows. Print this out now either for yourself or for a friend or family member with acne-- if they follow this program, you'll be their best friend for life. It may seem daunting on paper but that's just because I've tried to be as thorough as possible so you'll know exactly what to do every step of the way-- if you print it out and read it over a few times you'll see that it's really quite simple, methodical, and more than worthwhile. If you can do the first week, you can do the whole shebang. It gets even easier with time, because as you see your skin start to clear you WANT to keep doing it.

Good luck!

P.S. I've been hearing from people that the program as a whole looks too intimidating. In order to bring the curative powers of my program to as many people as possible, I've restructured it slightly: for those who don't wish to do the whole thing, do just The Cleansing Regimen immediately below. This alone will mostly clear almost anyone, and if you REALLY want to take your results to the next level, add in the SUPPLEMENTATION (SUPPLEMENTATION with CLEANSING WILL clear 99 in a 100), and then for GUARANTEED results do the WHOLE program from top to bottom. You'll thank yourself like crazy. ;)

P.P.S. If you are female and still suffer acne well into or beyond your 20s, especially if it appeared after adolescence, then your acne's underlying causes are most likely hormonal, i.e. an androgenic imbalance (excess male sex hormone levels). This is why when you're on the pill or get pregnant you'd typically find your skin will 'magically' clear up. It's because the elevated female sex hormones suppress the effect of your androgens on the oil glands. Many women, such as one poster on Pg 19 of this thread, attempted this program only to later find out that the fundamental problem was hormonal-- SO many women spend years trying to deal with acne but they never fully resolve it because they're not getting to the root of the problem. If you are a female 25 yrs old + with acne I strongly recommend that you make an appointment with an endocrinologist for comprehensive hormonal profiling (DHT and all androgens) and look into some of the hormonal approaches to acne that will most effectively address your specific case (Spironolactone, birth control, etc.). Good luck, and take heart in that you at least have the optional of hormonal treatment, unlike men. Do your research. Knowledge = Power.

* * * * * * * *






* * * * * * *

(1) The Cleansing Regimen

(starting from first day of program, continuing indefinitely)


(upon rising; takes 25 mins):

- 5 mins steam face over sink/bowl of boiling water (from kettle), towel draped over head to trap in steam

- 5-10 mins lukewarm shower cleanse face w/ Nivea Baby Cleansing Milk

- while in shower take dollar-size amount of baking soda and rub wet into handful size paste, massage very gently in circles all over wet face, let sit 1 minute, rinse off

- pat dry after shower; now apply the "apple cider vinegar and water solution": 1 part apple cider vinegar to 6 parts water, e.g. 1 teaspoon (5ml) apple cider vinegar to 6 teaspoons (30ml) water in a bowl (increase concentration gradually with time to 1:2 vinegar to water), with cotton pad dab gently on individual spots, oily, inflamed and acne-prone areas, let dry 10 minutes

- get back in shower and wash off 30 secs w/ cold water OR rinse off gently in sink, let face air dry 1-2 minutes

- moisturize: apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer to damp face as it's drying, massaging gently in light, feathery circles

EITHER this OUTSTANDING moisturizer (available in many pharmacies; look around or google for best online prices)

Allergenics Emollient Cream


one based on emu oil w/ all natural ingredients

(recommend Emu Essence Naturals' Therapeutic Moisturizing Lotion)

NB: A Jojoba-based moisturizer (ideally just pure Jojoba oil) is apparently also extremely effective; I for one have not personally used this but have had it highly recommend from several reliable authorities who've firsthand experienced or seen others experience great results with it, so you might want to give Jojoba oil a try for a moisturizer in lieu of Emu oil or the Allergenics Emollient Cream. You should be able to find Jojoba Oil, as with Emu Oil, at a good supplement/health food store.


(just before bed; takes 40 mins but you can other things while mask dries):

- 5 mins steam face over sink/bowl as in morning

- crack egg into bowl, scoop out egg yolk with spoon so only egg white is in bowl, add 1 teaspoon fresh squeezed lemon juice to bowl and mix together. apply this w/ cotton pad to face, let dry 20 mins

- 5-10 mins lukewarm shower cleanse face w/ Nivea Baby Cleansing Milk, let face air dry

- apply Nivea Baby Panthenol Ointment let dry 5 minutes

- while above moisturizer is drying take 5 aspirins ("uncoated" ideal, buy at any supermarket): crush between backs of 2 spoons into bowl and add 1 teaspoon water and 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar into the bowl, wait a minute or two for aspirins to dissolve into a PASTE, stir a bit with finger and then dab this paste on to individual spots. say goodbye to spots and leave on overnight. do nightly for as long as you have individual spots to treat.

* * * * * * *


(starting/continuing the Cleansing Regimen from the first day and maintaining throughout)

* * * * * * *

(2) The Fast-Flush

3 straight days eat only organic golden delicious apples, 12-16 apples per day.

3-4 liters water per day with 1 fresh squeezed lemon diluted per 1 liter (real lemon not bottled lemon juice).

Fourth day eat 4 apples by noon, nothing after.

6PM drink 1 cup (250ml) water w/ 1 teaspoon Epsom salts diluted.

8PM repeat. 9PM shower and cleansing protocol below.

9:45PM Mix 200ml organic extra virgin olive oil with 1 fresh squeezed lemon. Finish evening chores and get ready for bed.

10PM drink whole oil/lemon mixture standing next to bed. Immediately get into bed and lie down on left side raising right leg up to chest, do not move for at least 20 minutes. Try to fall asleep in this position.

Next morning (fifth day) expect possible diarrhea, inspect toilet for floating green balls of bile-cholesterol, this has cleansed your gallbladder, liver and colon.

7AM drink 1 cup water w/ 1 teaspoon Epsom salts diluted.

9AM repeat.

11AM start to drink fresh vegetable and/or fruit juice (no packaged sugary stuff-- real fresh-made healthy juice).

12PM Brunch (first food in 24hours WOW!) 1 kiwi, 1 carrot, 2 apples, 1 orange, 1 half cucumber, 1 celery stalk.

6PM regular food but keep it light.

* Strongly advised: nightly enemas and/or daily psyllium/bentonite shakes and/or 1 teaspoon cream of tartar in mug of hot water upon rising and just before bed, except on 3rd night when taken/performed at 9:15 PM (30mins before olive oil-lemon drink swallowed)

** Optional but strongly advised: daily sauna, if access to one: 3 consecutive sessions 10 minutes each with 1 minute cold shower between each session. This facilitates excretion of toxins through secondary channel of elimination-- the skin-- when toxins are not eliminated efficiently enough through primary channels of elimination-- the bowels and urinary tract-- as can often happen when detoxifying a particularly toxic body.

*** Repeat the Fast-Flush 2 weeks later, and thereafter repeat again once every 2 months

**** Some people have replied stating that for whatever reason they 'hate' apples! If absolutely necessary, replace apples with cucumbers (1 apple = half large cucumber).

***** It is VERY important that you give your body a break while doing the fast-flush. So please find a calm quiet time-- such as a long weekend or holiday-- away from work or school so you can keep stress and exertion to a minimum while your body is in such a deep cleansing state.

* * * * * * *

(3) The Anti-Acne Diet

(starting 5th day and for every day for the next week)

Diet is misleading because you hear it and you think it means you'll starve-- this menu is large enough to feed even the hungriest among us. If it looks too filling, simply eat only what you like from it but try to keep as much of a balance from the listed items as possible.

7AM upon rising (1 hr before breakfast) 1 warm mug green tea w/ 1/2 fresh lemon squeeze and 1 teaspoon cream of tartar

8AM Breakfast: 1 apple; 4 raw egg yolks (no whites); 1 bowl oatmeal w/ 1 handful raisins thrown in; 1 carrot

10AM 1 Liter Water w/ 1/2 fresh lemon squeeze.

12PM Lunch: 1 apple; 1-3 portions chicken/turkey; 1 portion tuna/salmon/cod/mackerel/trout; 1 bowl salad w/ lettuce (no iceberg, romaine ideal) including variety of vegetables and/or fruits and dressed generously with extra virgin olive oil; 1 carrot; 1 kiwi; 1 handful raisins

3PM 1 Liter Water w/ 1/2 fresh lemon squeeze

6PM Dinner: 1 apple; 1 plate brown rice; 2-3 portions chicken/turkey, 1 portion tuna/salmon/cod/mackerel/trout; 1 kiwi; 1 carrot; 1 handful raisins

9 PM 1 Liter Water w/ 1/2 fresh lemon squeeze

10:45PM 1 warm mug green tea w/ 1/2 fresh lemon squeeze and 1 teaspoon cream of tartar

11PM sleep

That's daily 3 liters water w/ 1/2 fresh lemon squeeze per liter, more water if exercising. A few sips of water, red wine, green tea, fruit juice or non-carbonated beverage are fine with a meal but enjoy your 1 Liter water breaks ONLY 2 hours before and 2 hours after meals; never within 1 hour of any meal (dilutes digestive juices impairing proper digestion-- crucial for acne).

After 1 week gradually re-integrate other foods you enjoy, but KEEPING most if not all foods already on the menu, in addition to continuing the supplement regimen below. Allow very moderate amounts of your "vice foods" but remember the universal anti-acne dietary principles:


- little to no sugar (check the label as even "healthy" food can sneak in too much)

- little to no dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt)

- little to no fried food (anything cooked in vegetable oil)

- many whole vegetables

- many whole fruits

- lots (30-35g) of fiber

It is also VERY important to do the following, which is so simple but so often overlooked: chew your food as thoroughly as possible before swallowing, and enjoy your meal at a relaxed pace. This optimizes your digestive efficiency so that your food can be broken down quickly and easily when it arrives in the stomach and passes through the intestines. It is crucial for you as an acne-prone individual that for clear skin you ensure that your digestion is optimal: this and other methods here help to ensure this.

I'm not being flakey and listing these dietary principles just for general health--

this is all specifically for ACNE.

* * * * * * *

(4) The Secret Weapon of Supplementation

(starting on the 5th day and continuing indefinitely)

In my opinion this is the most important part the whole program. The Cleansing Regimen will help get you clear from the outside in, but what follows, if done in its entirety exactly as advised, will get you clear from the inside out. I can't stress enough how powerful this will be for you in getting the results I know you want-- the only way you'll believe it is when you see the results for yourself in your very own mirror.

Take the following 3 times per day, always with food

(i.e. with breakfast, lunch, dinner):

- 1 capsule Probiotic/Acidophilus

(most powerful probiotic Primal Defense by Garden of Life)

- 2 capsules DermaCleanse by ZenMed

(VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: only take 3 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 3 weeks on, 2 weeks off, and so on; taking continuously results in clearing, breakout, clearing and so on; however, cycling as I advise results in sustained and ongoing clearing; only buy capsules nothing else)

- 1 tablespoon Total EFA

or a good Essential Fatty Acid Omega-3 oil blend (liquid not capsules)

- if male: 2 capsules Saw Palmetto

- if female: 2 capsules Chasteberry

- if cystic acne (bumps and lumps that can't be popped-- nor should you try!):

-> 2 capsules Deodorized Garlic tablet

-> 1 capsule Olive Leaf Extract

-> 1 capsule Oregano Oil

- if suspected weak digestion: 1 capsule digestive enzyme blend

(most powerful digestive enzyme supplement OmegaZyme by Garden of Life)

Take this with breakfast:

- 1 multivitamin

DermaMed PhytoMe:


Perfectil: Skin, Hair and Nails

Take the following 2 times per day, always with food

(i.e. with breakfast and then again with dinner)

- 15,000 IU Vitamin A

- 1 B-Complex

- 3,000mg Vitamin C

- 400IU Vitamin E

- 50mg Zinc

- 200ug Selenium

- 200ug Chromium

* If pregnant or conceiving please consult your physician before taking any supplements, ESPECIALLY concerning vitamin A

** If taking the drug Accutane for acne do not supplement with Vitamin A beyond a multivitamin (but NOT DermaMed PhytoMe-- it contains too much to take while on Accutane); if concerned about possible interactions between supplements and any drug/s you may be taking, please consult your physician

*** If taking DermaMed PhytoMe multivitamin, reduce further vitamin A supplementation to 10,000IU per day

**** Continue taking supplements during second and subsequent fast-flushes

- If you also have those unsightly blotchy red marks (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) that just don't seem to fade: 10g (2 teaspoons) MSM (sulfur powder available at any vitamin store) diluted in 1 large glass water; drink it down all at once. Do this every day until red marks fade completely. This combined with the other supplements below, especially the vitamin C, will more or less COMPLETELY clear red marks if taken daily for MINIMUM 2 months. (Just see my own photo below for the complete change in skin tone if you don't believe me!)

* * * * * *

(5) General Tips

* Sleep deprivation, insomnia and imbalanced sleep patterns (out of sync with day-night/light-dark) not only offset your body clock affecting homeostasis but also increase sebum production, potentially causing and/or worsening acne. The solution? Get at least 8-9 hours of sleep consistently and at reasonable hours, i.e. fall asleep by 10-11PM and wake up around 7-8AM.

* Increased circulation delivers nourishing and revitalising oxygenation and nutrients via bloodstream to skin cells as to rest of body for greater skin health and anti-inflammatory effects on acne: exercise 30-60 mins 3 x weekly, drinking extra water as desired (shower lukewarm water quickly after exercise, no cleanser, emu oil moisturizer on damp skin)

* Further benefit derived from 10g (2 teaspoons) MSM (form of sulfur sold in all health stores) diluted per 1 liter water consumed daily for increased collagen production and improved skin texture, tone, smoothness and suppleness

* Do not pop, pick, push, pull, poke, squeeze, rub or in any way touch your acne. As a rule of thumb (no pun intended), avoid touching your face at all times. The only time you should be touching your face is during the cleansing regimen

* Take at least 10 mins every day to lie down in a quiet space alone (while your mask dries is an excellent time): closing your eyes, breath in very slow and deep through your nose while pushing out your stomach, and then out through your mouth very slow and strong while relaxing your stomach; think only of your breathing and enjoy the sense of calm and clarity you will experience

* Regardless of how you feel, and especially if you've got the blues, laugh as hard as you possibly can at least once every day at whatever it is that can make you laugh-- just try this and you'll feel and see the difference

Your acne WILL get better.

* * * * * * * * * * Be Patient. Be Persistent. Be Consistent. Be Clear. * * * * * * * *

To give an indication of real results with my program, and perhaps encourage you toward your own, here is my own improvement in just over 2 months (I cleared significantly much sooner, including the cystic body acne you can't see):

January 11 2005 vs March 23 2005

Almost none of the program vs Almost all of the program

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July 14th 2008

I no longer visit this website, its message board, or any of the threads containing my old posts, nor do I check my inbox for PMs. My account is effectively defunct. I've long since cleared up and have gratefully and gladly moved on to other things in my life. I sincerely wish the same for you, and I hope that my program may play some part in your solution. I just wanted to come back here one last time, and take a minute to say a couple of things:

1) A lot of people have said that they couldn't possibly make this regimen work for them because there's just too damn much to do in the program, i.e. too many supplements to blow money on, or it just takes too much time, etc. My response is that you don't necessarily have to do everything in the program for it to work. The reason why there is so much in here is because it holistically addresses the widest variety of underlying acne causes, only one of which may be the real culprit in your particular case. So don't be discouraged by the overwhelming amount of 'instructions' in the program; think of them more as 'ideas and options for your consideration,' and approach them with an attitude of flexibility and creativity. Make the program your own; listen to and adapt to your own skin, your own body. Maybe try out just a couple of things and see what works for you. Certain things in this program are incredibly effective just by themselves, and one or two things could be what make all the difference for you.

2) I was recently contacted by an e-marketing company, the kind that probably puts up all those other 'acne solution' sites. They offered me a considerable sum of money to ghost-write for them an 'acne cure e-book,' a virtually verbatim re-hash of my program. As you can tell from the fact that this post is still here, I rejected the offer. My reasoning is that if I can help one other person get clear, I will gladly do it for free. I think that anyone who has been through acne themselves would do the same. I hope that people out there who have made it through their acne will continue to share their hard-won advice with others. But I also encourage everyone reading this (or anything else on this site, the internet, even in their dermatologist's office) to not be too naive, desperate or trusting when it comes to 'acne solutions;' sure, including even my own. Always do your own research, get a second opinion, ask tough questions, be skeptical and be smart.

3) Complete disclosure: I have taken Accutane. The "After" photo is, however, from this program alone, and my skin stayed that clear up to starting Accutane. If my skin was already as clear as in the "After" photo, then why take Accutane? I'm not going to lie, I had finally obtained an Accutane prescription (ironically at the time my skin was flawless, after years of being overlooked despite bad acne; dermatologists continue to baffle me). Even with naturally cleared skin, I wanted an easy-- perhaps 'lazy'-- semi-permanent solution. Here's the thing: most people on this site fall into one of 3 groups: those who reject the medical establishment, especially Accutane, and preach the holistic path to clear skin and good health (veggies, supplements, flushes, etc.); those who trust the dermatologists, pills and creams to get them clear; and those who are so desperate as to listen to anyone from either camp and try anything. I may have been somewhat unusual on this site because while I'm really big on holistic health, I actually don't have anything against Accutane. In fact-- and I did post on exactly this before, somewhere on this site-- I believe that the oft-cited side-effects are highly exaggerated, owing in some part to most derms over-aggressively prescribing unnecessarily high daily doses. I don't want to digress too much on this, but in short, if you are able to get an Accutane prescription-- and you must do your research first-- I for one would say go for it.

This must seem totally contradictory, even hypocritical, to tout my natural regimen below and then to also say "Accutane is also great!" Maybe this doesn't make sense to you, but it does to me. But to answer the important question you probably have: "Who's to say your program wouldn't have failed you after you started Accutane? How do you know your program works more than a few months at a time? Maybe if it wasn't for Accutane you would be even worse than your "Before" picture by now?!?!?" These are all very fair questions. I can only say that I know it's worked not only for me in the past, but continues to work for others to this day. Just to give you two examples, I have a cousin-- a certified naturopath-- and one very close friend, both of whom had acne worse than my own when they eagerly volunteered to try out the program, one year after me. They both followed my program almost entirely for about 6 months, at which point they were pretty much totally clear. They then found that certain things helped more than others and pared down the program as appropriate. A year after they'd started, they were clear all the way (sure, maybe the very occasional pimple), and had found what few things in the program were all they needed to keep their clear skin in their particular cases.

4) I'd love to be able to help people who have questions or PMs about this program-- or any of my other posts from years ago-- but I as I've said, I no longer visit the site and as such I just don't reply to messages anymore. I would like to be able to help people directly and more often-- every time I see someone in the street with acne my heart really does go out to them. Don't take it personally or be upset if I never reply to your PM or your post; I haven't been to this site in years and I no longer need to come back. I really, REALLY hope that you get something out of my program or other posts from back when I was a regular, but I can't answer posts, questions or PMs. Please try directing your questions to members who have posted in this thread with their experiences with the program.

5) I am not a dermatologist. Everything you read above is the experience of a former acne-sufferer and a regular person just like you. However, I spent a good year or two obsessed with acne. During this time I really did experiment with (a) every 'acne-cure' book you've ever seen on the internet; (b) pretty much every OTC topical you've ever bought or considered buying; © a myriad of foods/diets/allergy-theories relating to acne. During this time I became increasingly disillusioned with dermatologists' heavily (in my opinion, misguidedly) antibiotics-based approach to acne after years of trying several different prescription antibiotics. During this time I also read several clinical manuals used by dermatologists, interned in a dermatologist's office, and did everything else already mentioned in the program.

Lastly: there are some amazing people on this site, whom you can learn a lot from. Do give my program a try-- again, even if it's only a couple of things at a time. And take heart: no matter who you are or how incurably bad you may feel your skin is, I can tell you that there absolutely IS a solution for you. Oh, and don't spend TOO much time on this site, a trap that's all too easy to fall into. Fuck acne: get out into the sunlight, go for a run, breathe deep and enjoy your life. Good luck to you, and God bless.

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I highly recommend you DONT steam your face everyday. My mum is a beauty therapist who specialises in skin care. Steaming is meant to be done 3 -4 times a week max, and then slowly lowered. Steaming everyday can cause micro burns under the skin and damage to the pores.

Yes, it is the same as going in a sauna, but it is always advised to not use a sauna more than a few times a week!

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Hello Antony,

First of all, I want to say thank you very much for sharing your acne program with us. It sounds very efficient. I have a few questions I would like to ask you before starting this program;

1. Does the program help body acne as well?

2. Are liver flushes dangerous for teenagers ( I am 14 years old)?

3. What other advantages does this program have?

4. Do you have to repeat the fast flush two weeks later? Can you drink 1-2 tbspns of olive oil/lemon mixture everyday, instead?

5. If it is necessery to repeat the fast flush again, then how many more times in total?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, Antony.

Thank you once again,


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yeah, seriously anyone actually tried this? I really like his theory about not parting water away from meals, diluting digestive problems. A lot of his program seems wrong though. You should never eat fruit with any other foods, or else it will fermente in the stomach resulting in wine/alcohol, digestive problems, aka acne.

and steaming the face? hell no, sauna's are bad as well. its like going tanning and trying to cover up your acne.

ZenMed is crazy expensive stuff, don't know if I wanna try that.

Im gonna just try doing his eating routine with supplements and water/lemon.

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Ok so I've been thinking about doing a detox and looked around everywhere and I like this one. So I'm trying this, but a modified version:

For the facial stuff:

I plan to take a steam shower every day of the fast-flush in place of a Sauna.

I gave up the Benzoyl Peroxide cream cleanser I was using and replaced with Cetaphil (mild cleanser)

I will apply jojoba oil after washing face

And I am thinking about also trying the baking soda (but maybe after the flush?)

doing nothing else on the face (no masks, etc.)

For the fast-flush:

following it pretty well except there is no place in town that has Bentonite clay and I won't get any til tmw, so skipping that + the psyllium husk mixture for tonight.

For the supplementation:

I will do another post later on, but I took a bunch of notes and did lots of research on here last month and I took that and combined with what Antony "prescribed" and eliminated some "excess" and came up with my own which I think is just as good if not superior since it adds in almost 6 more years of research findings and posts from this board and other sites (he did his research about this time 6yrs ago in 2005).

For the diet:

I was already on that kind of a diet (gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, HFCS-free, etc.) (which helped btw, been at it for around 4-6mos), but I added Coffee back (was coffee-free too) and stopped some veggies (broccoli, carrots) and my face got better so I'm going to continue staying off for a bit on that. It's weird I know, maybe all that fiber "fed" the crap in my gut and after this I'll be able to eat those veggies again (I didnt stop all veggies). Can't explain why stopping green tea and starting back coffee helped though, maybe it helped me drink more water (3.5 liters avg vs 2 liters on avg when drinking green tea)

Day 1:

So far I'm good, not hungry, I think I prepared my mind very well to not be hungry after reading this ENTIRE thread last night....and so I had to almost force myself to eat today all day, so far have had 6 apples only, but my goal is to do 8 and have had 3 liters of water + lemon, will get to 4 before the day ends.

I just hope this works, ordered all my supplements and they should arrive in time for me to take them on the 5th day.

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I'm on the 3rd day now.

First day I got just a little craving for a burger or something nice like that at the end of the night but then I went to sleep. Yesterday in the afternoon and evening I had cravings, but not much "hunger." I think in general my "hunger sensors" don't work well...I would probably eat very little if it wasn't for me loving food in general and me getting headaches if I didn't eat. It got tougher, and I didn't excrete any solid waste (a lot of urine though) but I did it, and I had my first cup of water/psyllium/bentonite mix yesterday.

But today is pretty bad, it's the 3rd day of apples and I don't feel hunger but I have a very strong headache, which I think eating a good meal would solve, but I can't...and I still have more than 48hrs for a proper (albeit "light") meal!!!

Acne-wise: I got two small whiteheads and it seems that every time I stop coffee I get them, which of course I had to stop as part of this fast-flush. I had stopped coffee (replaced w/ green tea) last month and I started getting these tiny white heads (this while I was still avoiding gluten, dairy, nut, soy & some other stuff) which I never or very very rarely used to get before. But then I started coffee again and my acne didn't worsen, but the white heads went away. I don't plan to start back coffee until Wednesday at the earliest (which will be the 2nd day after completion of fast-flush), so I'll see if I continue getting these tiny whiteheads, which disappear within 24hrs usually. I want to make sure I have all the right bacteria in me with the Primal Defense before I start putting potentially difficult things for the body to go through like coffee.

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Talking about the whiteheads reminded me of something, which may be a bit nasty but here it is:

About a year ago, before I started my acne-diet, I had a tiny white head on my nose that I noticed. So I went to the bathroom prior and wanted to just pop it. It was super-tiny and I just pressed around both sides of it to get the sebum/oil out. It came out and some was left over so I repositioned my fingers on the nose and pressed more...and all of a sudden I saw white sebum/oil pop-out like "hairs" on my nose, like about half a dozen...they just seemed to have been squeezed out of the pores. And they were really small pores so that's why the sebum came out and stood like tiny hairs and I was able to just wipe it out.

I repeated that and got a lot of this white sebum from all around my nose. Apparently ,there was a lot of it hiding under the skin and since the pores were open, pressing them squeezed it out.

Weird huh?

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Hi there,

Well, this is a last ditch effort to try to get rid of my cystic acne. I have always used tetracycline and it immediately clears it up, and I've tried so many natural things to try and avoid antibiotics but no such luck. So I am going to optimistically give this a shot :)

But... I'm finding it impossible to find either of the Nivea products here in Colorado, USA :think:

- Nivea Baby Panthenol Ointment

- Nivea Baby Cleansing Milk

The links to both products in the regimen are giving me errors. Do you have any idea of the equivalent of both products that are available in the USA?

Thanks very much :)

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I'm going to start this tomorrow and stick to it!! I bought my organic apples today! I'll let you guys know how it goes (;

Et Hoe Transit

This too shall pass....

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I just wanted to say that I've been following everything for about two weeks now, and my skin looks amazing. I'm seeing immediate improvements and I'm so happy I got this way without medication! My skin is staying consistanly clear and all the acne that I had previously is quickly subsiding!!!!! I'm so happy! Thank You!!! I wish I had before and after photos but I never wanted to take pictures, now I wish I did so I could show everyone that they should do this

Et Hoe Transit

This too shall pass....

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