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Herbs suggestions please

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Hi, I am managing my acne effectively with various herbs.

I was looking to see if maybe someone uses a certain herb which I have not tried and thus may work for me. I think its fair to say herbs are hit or miss. They either work for you or don't. And many do not!

Anyway I will list the herbs (in order of most effective first) which have and continue to do wonders for managing my acne:

Milk Thistle


Olive Leaf



The other traditional herbs do not work for me. Anyone who knows about liver and herbs would know the above are mostly "liver building herbs". For me the "liver cleansing" herbs like dandelion, burdock and yellow dock root just do not cut it. I have even tried sarsapilla and red clover to no avail.

So I was hoping someone out there is using a herb which is helping combat their acne. So if you could me any suggestions that would be great, as it's all about experimenting when it comes to herbs. Thanks

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I used to take swedish bitters and milk thistle.

I'm not sure about the thistle, but the bitters seemed to be helping (cleaning my kidneys etc i think).

But i havent really needed them since stopping eating refined wheat, as my acne seems to have gone, except that i drank 5 cups of black coffee yesterday and now a very minor spot has appeared on my chin.

Not really a herb, but pumpkin seeds helped de-parasite me (i saw rice in my stool). I ate about 250g of pumpkin seeds. There's something on curezone about them.

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