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My Weird diet

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My diet is really mad and after looking at your forums i think i should change it.

Pepsi- i dring on average about 7-8 cans a day. i think this is really bad

Chocolate- and loads of it. About 3-4 packs of malteasers a day i'm addicted.

TOAST- i have 4 peices in the morning, with so much clover butter on that it doesn't melt and i have to put it back under the grill so it melts and then it is usually floating on the top of the saturated lovely white bread.

Cereal- i usually have a bowl of cereal in the morning as well as toast. I have a bowl full of frosties or cheerios and i have about 1/2 a pint of milk then i have 2 heaped table spoons(the big spoons) of sugar so the milk is saturated with the sugar and so u get sedimentation on the bottom of the bowl that u ahve to spoon out the sugar into your mouth. LOL YUM YUM


i plan to drink NO PEPSI and have NO ADDED SUGAR and also NO MILK OR PURE BUTTER.

Shall i use some light beuuter like flora or something

please help my awfull diet.

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i have 2 heaped table spoons(the big spoons) of sugar so the milk is saturated with the sugar and so u get sedimentation on the bottom of the bowl that u ahve to spoon out the sugar into your mouth.

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You've basically taken everything that anyone who would do anything to avoid acne would avoid and you've put it all in your mouth. Just short of dunking your head in the grease vat where they fry the fries at McDonald's this is the best way you can guarantee you're gonna get acne if you're acne-prone to begin with.

Granted some individuals can eat this and not break out, but this is the result of their oil gland receptors not being so sensitive to stimulation by androgens (male sex hormones) and/or not having elevated androgen levels in the first place. If you have acne and you eat like this, try adopting an anti-inflammatory, low-sugar, alkalizing, nutrient-dense diet comprising organic raw vegetables, fruits, especially high-fiber and high-pectin golden delicious apples, fish, especially salmon, cod, trout, mackerel and tuna, brown rice and drinking lots of water (3-4L) for 2-3 weeks straight. If you clear up, and you probably will considerably, then you will know just to what extent your poor diet accounts for your acne.

The insulin spike you are causing in your body every time you have so much sugar initiates a cascade of hormonal imbalances including elevated androgens, and if you are acne prone this will break you out.

Fried foods tend to involve heated vegetable oils that inhibit your body's ability to produce prostaglandins, required for hormonal regulation and thus further skewing androgen levels.

Studies claiming little to no correlation between diet and acne are not methodologically comprehensive: they are performed taking individuals who do not exhibit acne and giving them various foods to see whether they break out, and of course they do not. Whenever studies are conducted in which individuals who do have acne then have either certain foods eliminated from or added to their diet, their acne tends to decrease or increase measurably.

Clean up your diet, take care of your body; your health will improve and your skin will follow. What you put in your mouth ends up in your veins and this shows in your skin, not least if you are prone to acne.

Diet alone will not resolve acne in most who suffer moderate or worse, but will greatly alleviate the condition in mild to moderate sufferers and facilitate clearing alongside other protocols including topical and systemic (supplements, antibiotic, product-based, drug-based, etc.), to say nothing of improving your overall quality of life.

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Basically I'd say cut out all refined sugars- this means no soft drinks. Drink mineral water.

Not refined wheat -this means no toast or ceral (eat fruit instead). Whole grain may be ok.

No dairy -this is means no butter. (you could try goats milk and butter)

Only eat dark (70%) coco chocolate.

And get out in the fresh air!

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My cystic acne is definitely worse after a couple of days of eating high carbs/refined sugars. My digestion suffers too - last night I had pizza with a couple of 'energy' bars for dessert. I had stomach aches and gas and now my face looks terrible...So, I'm going to swear off sugars and limit my high GI carbs for a month to see what happens. Any food/menu suggestions would be appreciated!

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If you're having a difficult time trying to figure out what to eat on a new diet, I highly suggest RECIPES! You might as well enjoy your food, and you will have more success sticking to a diet if you do, so if you don't like plain steamed veggies, find an easy sauce recipe to liven them up, or find some good salad recipes, etc. has lots of dairy free recipes, or go to the library and get a cookbook.

My regimen:

Eat regularly: a wide variety of vegetables, eggs, meat/fish, cheese, yogurt, butter, fruit, nuts/seeds.

Occasionally eat: beans, squash, potatoes.

Don't eat: sugar, grains, most processed food.

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This is great that you have been reading up and want to change your diet. All the advice so far has been great. It boils down to very simple things:

NO SUGAR - this means nothing that is even disguised as sugar such as - evaporated can juice (I love how they try to sneak that one in), fructose, corn syrup, honey, mollases, etc....

NO REFINED FOODS - crackers, cereal, buns, pop tarts, chips, all those packaged snack foods



LEAN PROTEINS - beans, turkey breasts, chicken breasts, fish, shrimp, oysters

Stay away from anything advertised pretty much!

Here's a recipe for anyone still having cold weather:

1 package of WHITE GROUND TURKEY BREAST GROUND - (not just ground turkey as it is full of fat - must be white breast) Walmart has it by the chicken

Kidney or pinto beans (I cook my own as chili beans had oil added to the ingredients on the can)

1 can rotel chopped tomotoes

1 can no sugar tomato sauce

chili powder



bell pepper

OK - I sautee the chopped onion, bell pepper and garlic in either fat free chicken broth, wine or water until well cooked

Put in your ground turkey BREASTS and cook until it is cooked throughly - stir and break up clumps

Add lots of chili powder and stir around till all brown looking and in small pieces

Add canned things and beans

If really thick add some water

Let simmer.

It is hard to put this on paper as it is second nature to me to make.

We used to eat it with cheese, sour cream and tortillas, but not anymore. We have either a salad with lots of veggies, cole slaw without mayo or steamed broccoli.

I hope yours turns out as good as mine is.

You see, you can take the usual recipe and think healthy. Think to always have lean proteins - lots of vegetables - and for dessert - fruit.

Strawberries are in season here and we had cut up strawberries and cut up ripe pears. For some reason, the combination of the two is awesome. We used to make strawberry shortcakes, but no more.

My son's face, my husband's health and my health make it where we don't miss or want the crap.

"Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place."

Mark Twain

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