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Acne Regimen

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Hormonal Acne Regimen

Simple steps :

- Cut down intake of meat (especially red meat)

- Cut down intake of dairy ( my opinion : milk especially)

- Decrease Stress

- Decrease Masterbation or sex (supplement with zinc if you think you might have a deficiency, white spots on fingernails might mean you do)

Topical Regimen :

- Use the vitamins and minerals in fruits, vegs, raw eggs, or something natural to heal your skin and make it glow

Try doing this for a week or even a few days to see if you see a change

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oh man cut down on sex.. that sucks.. what if u only do it about twice a week or once a week? is that ok?

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Let me just tell you guys my regimen at this point since my skin is doing really good right now.

Before i sleep at nite :

1. I splash water on my face a few times

2. I take a small piece of banana & rub it on my skin directly and all over my face.

3. I splash water on my face a few times to wash off the residue of the banana.

4. I use a cotton ball to put lemon juice mixed with water on my face

5. I spread mayonaise (hellmanns) over my entire face. (leave it on for 15-30 min)

6. I wash my face with water until everything is off

7. I take some olive oil and spread it over my face and leave it on or if you want you could wipe it off with a towel in about 30 mins or so if it bothers you for any reason.

For the people that never used banana on the skin you will notice your skin to become softer after using it. Rub the banana on your skin in a circular motion. I feel it does a good job at exfoliately.

Some of the ingredients in the mayo are vinegar, eggs and lemon juice

In the morning or day, i just use water on my skin, but if i feel my skin is alittle dry i use some moisturizer.

I feel this regimen helps my skin by unclogging the pores and not irritating it at the same time. The fruits and natural oils sooth the skin and have other benefits. hope this helps. Take care bye for now

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Yum, yum Whatsup, you sound good enough to eat!

A word of advice on the oilve oil however - I have been using the stuff on my hair and skin for years as it is such an excellent moisturiser, but recently I switched brands to a fairly inexpensive organic brand (Sainsburys own) thinkin that this would be better for both my skin and cooking! Unfortunately though I did not have a good experience with it - it broke me out on my temples where I normally get no acne, but have suffered a coulpe of bouts of impeteigo (hideous, hideous skin condition which is really hard to get rid of, and v damaging to your skin). My thinkin on it was that the organic olive oil which was really cheap for organic, was perhaps not produced under the strictest of conditions, and had perhaps triggered an acne/impeteigo flare up on a part of my skin that was already weakened by impeteigo. It certainly was'nt normal acne either - more difficult to get rid of and lots of v sore localised spots that would spread and blister easily - much more like the dreaded afore mentioned disease.

So I stopped usin the olive oil and switched to jojoba (which I do periodically anyway, to give my skin a bit of a change!), used antibiotic cream and salt baths - which I hasten to add i was doing while using the olive oil - and low and behold, the skin healed within a couple of days.

So, jus be careful which brand of olive oil you go for - if you are going to buy organic, make sure you get a superior quality brand, otherwise jus go for the bogstandard non-organic stuff which works just great as it is. Obviously, organic is preferable, but you have to remember that something that is organic and has come from nature is more likely to have bacteria, spores of whatever in it that have not been killed by the chemicals they use to preserve these things, especially if it is a cheap brand - so buy the best if you can to avoid the above and keep your skin and happy!...

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