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Minimum B5 dosage?

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I have pretty mild acne and was thinking of taking 500mg or 1g a day.  Would this dosage have any at all impact?  Thanks.

My regimen:

Eat regularly: a wide variety of vegetables, eggs, meat/fish, cheese, yogurt, butter, fruit, nuts/seeds.

Occasionally eat: beans, squash, potatoes.

Don't eat: sugar, grains, most processed food.

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I'm taking 1g a day. Other people laugh and say I need to take at least 4-10g to notice a difference.

Well.......It hasn't even been a week yet and my oil, especially on my scalp has slightly decreased.

It takes a couple months though to see full results.

If you know you have a b5 defeciency, then I think it's fine to take 4...6...10g a day. Kinda crazy though if you ask me. Too many pills to pop.

"don't mess with the bull, you'll get the horns"

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