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According to Dan's regimen, you will at least need a BP 2.5% to complete the whole regimen. In Malaysia, I have gone through big and small pharmacies, including 2 leading pharmacies - the Guardian pharmacy & Watsons, your personal store and I discovered that they actually did sell the Neutrogena On-the-Spot 2.5% in approx. RM15-18. It will be a little bit expensive to them who needs to use 4 tubes for it within one month. However, I have been trying to contact the Zuelig Pharma, which particularly import Neutrogena and other brands products in these few months and I managed to acquire some SPECIAL price from them if we bought it in huge amount. The manager said we will need to buy at least 100 tubes so that she can sell them in a cheaper price compared to the market price.

Neutrogena On-the-Spot 2.5% acne treatment is the only 2.5% BP lotion in Malaysia. However, when I was walking throughout the Petaling Street, I discovered the women hawkers that sold local cosmetics and skin care products were promoting a kind of acne cream to a teenager that dropped by. I approached and listened to it and heard what they said. It was a 2.5% BP cream, manufactured in Indonesia and costed only RM 5.50. It was cheaper rather than Neutrogena but there is no approval from the Ministry of Health for that product.

I will continue to update if I discovered anything else associated with acne products in Malaysia. Hopefully I can help those who suffer acne, whose are those who are staying in Malaysia too. surprised.gif

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