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this article makes a good argument against grains, especially with the link to autoimmune diseases.

Here's mention by a skin care company!

Acne & Wheat:

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Wheat products (wheat flour, bread, pasta, pastries, wheat cereals, nutrition bars and other foods listing wheat or flour as an ingredient) cause a sudden increase in blood sugar called hyperglycemia.  This results in the production of insulin, causing insulin-induced skin inflammation within the follicles.  It stimulates cellular growth, resulting in cellular debris that block the follicles and promote acne infections.  Other chemicals (insulin-like growth factor-1 and insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3) also become involved and cellular growth becomes uncontrolled.

There is speculation that candidiasis (Candidia albicans yeast infection) may be involved in this process.  It can become pathogenic (causing a disease or promoting a disease such as acne) if a favorable environment exists or the person's weakened defenses allow the organisms to proliferate, such as the skin's weakened immune functions as caused by chronic moderate to severe acne. The use of antibiotics can promote this condition.

Some people, probably due to heredity, seem to be particularly reactive to the chemistry caused by wheat products resulting in skin inflammation and a degree of skin immune dysfunction.  Moderate to severe acne also causes skin immune dysfunction.  These are factors that promote acne and can promote candidiasis. 

Identifying Wheat-Induced Acne:

This group of people have usually tried multiple forms of prescriptive and non-prescriptive acne treatments without success.  They may have considered their acne as untreatable.  Whiteheads are usually not involved and the skin is usually normal, combination or oily (as opposed to being dry).  It is wise to read the section on Acne & Essential Fatty Acids to determine which of these two factors may be promoting the acne.

Skintactix Success:

Skintactix products correct the chemical imbalances caused by moderate to severe acne (Inhibiting Gel) to help return normal functions to the skin.  They block inflammatory agents (histamine, interleukins 1, 6 & 8, interferon-gamma and tumor necrosis factor-alpha) and assist the skin's immune processes to function in a normal, protective manner.  The cleansers help remove yeast fungi from the skin.  In most cases Skintactix products successfully control wheat-induced acne.  If not, diet modification in combination with the product almost always achieve control wheat-induced acne.

If you have chronic acne that has not responded to any form of treatment and believe it is wheat-induced acne, please convey this statement in the Comments Box at the bottom of the Order Form so we can the appropriate diet modifications, if needed. 

Wheat Reaction Observations by a Skintactix Customer:

One Skintactix customer followed the treatment/diet program and after four weeks his acne was reduced by 60%.  He decided to test the validity of wheat-induced acne by eating a large bowl of wheat cereal and made the following observations.

1.  After 4 hours observed a significant increase in skin oil production.

2.  After 8 hours the existing acne infections became red and inflamed.

3.  He experienced 2 new infections on the third day, his first new infections in three weeks.

4.  The skin returned to normal on the fifth day.

He concluded the impact of wheat lasts approximately five days.

These are not steps, but stages some people progress through when going from conventional to holistic medicine. Stage 2 is how I became 99%+ Clear, eliminated my dysmennorhea, significantly reduced my sebum & pore size, etc & is my predominant method.

Stage 1 (Treatment):

* (Daily) Isocare Skin Control Cleanser, Dream Products Customized Natural Face Lotion & Coppertone Sport Spray Sunscreen (mixed)

* (Sporadically) spot treat w/ anti-inflammatory (neosporin, hydrocortisone, salicylic acid) or a skin lightener (post-inflammatory pigmentation) to treat stubborn cystic/nodular acne that appears due to unknowingly or knowingly ingesting a food/ingredient that breaks me out (I do my best to avoid these foods). If you cover treated area w/ a bandaid, it makes product more effective.

Stage 2 (Prevention): "cheapest" method ~ Since Aug. 2002

* Follow a Gluten-Free, Trans-Fat Free, Dairy-Free and No Added Sugar diet for my Insulin Resistance/Hyperandrogenism (Silent Chronic Inflammatory Syndrome)

* Avoid ALL types of nuts and the Genus Prunus (almonds, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries), Bananas, Pineapples, Cottonseed oil, Artificial Sweetners.

Stage 3 (Correction):

* Strengthen/Repair GI - Immune health


* Developing functional foods for those with acne & other special needs (assuming there's a defficiency).

* Developing good & "safe" formulas for various hormonal issues for women. Correction stage may resolve this for some.

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