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skin changes/stress

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I think when i first got acne my skin went through a lot of changes. I don't believe it is only the spots i want to get rid of now, but i want my skin to be like it was before i had acne. I wanted to know whether others feel the same way? Do you want your spots to go away or your spots to go away plus your skin to look healthier? have more of a glow? Right now i dont really have many spots but im not happy with the condition of my skin overall. I did change my diet recently, which is for the long term, and i believe this will definitely change my skin and bring it back to the way it use to be. In the past, i never even cared about taking care of my health through diet, i would eat the worse things for my body and in an unlimited amount. Plus i would work out and play sports which was putting more stress on my body. Maybe the overall stress on the body causes acne whether its mental or physical or a combination. I have been on diets off and on, but now i realize that the key is to stay on them and not get off. You could modify your diet anytime just dont go back to eating the way you did in the past. I got acne when i was 14. After 14 years my body couldn't take it anymore so it showed up as acne on my face. All the stuff i ate and all the stress in my life was finally catching up with me. For me it showed up as acne, for others it could be cancer or being overweight, etc. The one amazingly positive thing about having acne is realizing how important your health is. If you realize that than you will hopefully live longer and happier and get back the years some people feel they lost while having acne.

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