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Hi all,

I am about to buy a juicer but am stumped for which to buy that is in the margin of £100 . I have found this however:

user posted image

It is the L'Equip 110.5 Pulp Ejector Juicer. And has been shown on a UK program 'You are what you eat.'

Has anyone used this for juicing vegatables.

This one does not juice wheat grass however, does anyone know of another one which is good and juices wheat grass aswell. Or if there is a cheap but effective mashine or way or jucing it.

Thanks alot,

Tom smile.gif

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I would get a Jack Lalanne juicer if I were you. It's well worth the money and works just as good as the $350.00 juicers. Things to love about it; the chute that you push veggies and fruits through is plenty big to not spend 15 minutes cutting stuff up before you push them through for juicing. You can push whole fruits through. That makes a big difference. I had a juiceman juicer for years and while I loved juicing, I *HATED* having to spend all that time cutting stuff up. I know that the last time I checked, the Jack lalanne juicer was $126.00 (dollars, of course).

You can order it from

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