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Almost clear- Question about Vitamin supplements

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Hi guys. I WAS on the regimen last semester, and I was breaking out HORRIBLY. Benzoyl Peroxide HAS worked on me. I used Pro Activ for a while, and it did seem to be working, but never completely cleared me up. I was getting desperate and thinking I might need Accutane. Anyways, I did lots of lurking in these forums and lots of research on acne in general. I was looking it up everyday and basically being a social recluse and not going out. Anyways, I decided to try the 'natural' thing before I went to the dermatologist. I decided to change my diet and my regimen a bit. Well, Its remarkable. I've been 95 percent clear since Christmas. I use mineral make up to cover up the red spots from those horrible breakouts but mostly I've only been getting a whitehead here and there. Right now I have a red bump on my cheek. Its not horrible, but its the only thing keeping my face from being totally clear. Basically, I am eating as healthy as I can, drinking water with lemon in it, using milk of magnesia as a mask, using tea tree oil or antiseptic as a spot treatment (although I've barely even USED a spot treatment because I've been barely breaking out! Hope I'm not speaking too soon..) and washing my face with Neutorgena gentle face wash (no BP or SA)... I might change my face wash to something with even less chemicals once I'm done with this.. I also have Neutrogena alcohol free toner but also made my own acid vinegar toner... And I'm using Bare Escentuals mineral make up. Anyways, I want to try to fade the red spots and also was thinking about taking some vitamin supplements for good skin in addition to all of this. Not too many. I'm not going to try to overdose or anything (like on the B5 regimen) since my skin is already pretty clear... But I'm pretty broke at the moment.

So, to make a long story short, (haha, sorry guys! I'm so long winded. All I really wanted to ask was this:)

Are the vitamins you buy at Wal Mart of cheap quality?

Say I just wanted some Vitamin B Complex or Vitamin E or Vitamin A or like Omega 3 or whatever is supposed to be good for skin.

Are Wal Mart vitamins okay? Or are they of inferior quality?

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