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Share your acne diet brands

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Company names which you use(website if they have one) in your acne diet, whatever it may be. I'm always looking for new products to try out and I'd like to hear what brands are out there. Also if you post a name, post whether you order it online or if it's available in stores.

Here's some of what I use

They have a good amount of gluten free flours as well as some whole grains I use(amaranth, quinoa, millet). Products are mostly organic. Most stores have at least some of their products. Gluten free is clearly marked most of the time.

Pretty much the same as arrowhead in terms of product. Available in most stores too.

Good quinoa products, wheat and gluten free. I only buy the quinoa flakes(90 second hot cereal) because it's the only product available in my store, only saw it at health food stores.

GREAT juices. Their Green Goodness, and Berry juice are a treasure trove of nutrients. They add no sugar or anything to most of their juices. All natural and delicious.

I've not tried it but I will. Looks like a good juice brand. If anyone tried it, how are they?

Great organic salads. Not widely available around here unfortunately sad.gif, I can only find the romaine lettuce and celery here here which is the best romaine lettuce I've tried, very juicy and fresh. They also have organic fruits, and veggies and dried fruit but I've never seen them in stores. Great celery for....

Their RAW tahini(ground sesame) is so delicious and goes perfectly with celery anytime I need a snack.

That's all I can think of for now. I'd greatly appreciate some websites from you and products you use to expand my horizons in terms of food.

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EnviroKIds Organic/Nature's Path. Gorilla Munch is the least disgusting looking gluten-free cereal I managed to find locally. cool.gif It has sugar (cane syrup), so those avoiding that will want to avoid this cereal. Those avoiding corn will too. Ingredients: organic corn meal, organic evaporated cane juice, sea salt. May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, or soy. (I don't really like flake-type cereals..the ones the original poster mentioned make a variety of flake-type cereal....this one is crunchy corn balls).

99.5% Clear (skin gets 'congested' PMS week, but no actual breakouts)


Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes + a few drops Rimmel Makeup Remover solution

3/4 AHA Toner* & 1/4 Glycerin (cotton pad) -- good toner, moisturizer, and makeup base (use less glycerin if not under makeup)

Occasional Treatments (2-3x/week): Exfoliating bp wash* in shower, 2.5% bp lotion* at night

CoverGirl TruBlend Powder Foundation


* = Klear Action Kit (Pro-Activ knockoff)


Gluten-free diet (for non-acne reasons, but it seems to have cleared my acne)

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