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atkins is good for acne

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a while ago I enjoyed a period of around 2 months being almost 100% clear. I thought the accutance i had a few years before kicked the acne shitz for good as I didnt even wash my face regular and still kept spot free, i made barely any effort. I was at the time taking oxytetracycline as back up and attributed my clear skin mainly to the background effects of that.

I was also on the atkins diet throughout. I just wanted to loose a stone and maintain a reasonable body weight, but moving back to university scrapped that as living off meat and atkins type foods is very expensive!

So here I am a couple of months on living off bread and cereal etc, acne has returned and my face is looking like shit, i just figured the oxytet quit working. Ive in fact ordered some b5 off the net due to arrive soon, but i came accross many posts relating to grains etc causing acne.

I didnt consider it before but it makes perfect sense that the huge change in my diet is responsible. I didnt beleive a change in diet could bring back the acne so rapidly.

As of tomorrow I will eat nothing but chicken, pig, cow, tuna, eggs etc and see if my theory is substantiated. Im expecting it to take as little as a week or so to see improvements.

while doing atkins i practically lived on nothing but chicken, and my skin was at its best, odd considering the lack of vitamins etc i must have been without but hey...

"The man who can't visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot."

- André Breton

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Phil, thanks for posting this. I'm interested in the insulin / acne link promoted by Cordain via the paleo diet, so it's always seemed to me that if it is correct, people on Atkins should see an improvement in their skin. Let us know how you get on.

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