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See you guys

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Hey everyone,

Well yeah, I was banned (It's your favorite Ben) because I guess it's contrary to the board's purpose to allow people to not support the alternative therapy of the week. Thanks for those that were entertained/learned something from my posts. I'm about to get back to working and being on the road for a while so I won't be on but keep the laughs coming for others that know how science works (haha... liverflushing... haha).

Peace and love,


ps-- Take this as proof that if you complain enough about people not being nice to you, they'll be quieted by administrators eventually. I don't plan on taking my fight to but hey, it's too bad people get so irritated by someone not talking like a hippie.

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hi never got to know u or read all ur posts, u seemed like a smart good guy.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.