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alternitives to diary at breakfest

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Think outside the breakfast box! This morning I baked some polenta I had in the fridge and topped it with sauted onion, garlic, carrot, kale and red beans, and a 1/2 an avocado. That'll fill you up!

Or scrambled tofu and/or leftover rice with spices and veggies.

Or take a can of black beans and stir-fry it up with some vegetables, tomatoes and cilantro. Both of those are good with some salsa.

If you want toast, Soy Garden or Earth Balance are both really good non-hydrogenated margarines that taste a lot like butter. Or put avocado or hummus on your toast.

These are my weekend breakfast options.

When I don't have much time, I usually have oatmeal with maple syrup and some prunes.

My regimen:

Eat regularly: a wide variety of vegetables, eggs, meat/fish, cheese, yogurt, butter, fruit, nuts/seeds.

Occasionally eat: beans, squash, potatoes.

Don't eat: sugar, grains, most processed food.

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actually eggs are good for ur acne.... especially an omelet (lots of protein is good).

that way u can add like tomatoes and cheese and stuff in it.

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dairy causes acne, if u dont know this.. u need to google..

apples are really good for you, they cleanse ur body.. i used to eat 4 apples a day after eating most anything i wanted and it helped alot..

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