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How I got rid of back/chest acne

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I've been trying for years to find something that worked on my chest and back..I've tried many things but this has almost completely cleared it. I basically figured out that the reason I break out on my chest and back is because of irritation and not exfoliating enough.

Products I use:

-Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub

-Benzoyl Peroxide gel (currently using 10% but any percent seems to work)

-Glycolic acid peel

Every morning, I wash with Body Scrub. I then dry off and apply the glycolic acid peel (I only do the chemical peel once every 2-3 days to help with exfoliation and red marks). Wait 5 minutes, wash off and then apply the benzoyl peroxide. I then re-apply the benzoyl peroxide everynight before I go to bed and repeat the process the next day.

There's not much to it but I've been trying for years to clear my back / chest and this has been the only thing that has worked. Even the red marks seem to fade faster. I tried using 5% bp from Mary Kay and it's doesn't seem to bleach my clothes. I'm also staying away from irritating clothing such as rough scarfs, hoodies, etc. Also, any type of peel would work...salycilic acid would probobly be the best. I think the key to why this works so great for me is because I'm doing the peel.

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