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MSM supplement for acne

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Anyone else tried taking MSM supplements for the treatment of acne? Please let me know about your results, it might also help other people out as well. I just started taking them (with vitamin c, fish oil, borage oil, and flax oil) and I will update after a while on how well they help.


"Beside the fire, as the wood burns black, A laughing dancer in veils of light, Whose dance transforms the darkness to gold". ---Abu Abd Allah ben Abi-l-Khisal, excerpt from The Serpent of the Nile by Buonaventura

N otable

A ffectionate

D edicated

I ntellectual

Y oung

A rticulate

H onorable

The soft tanned flesh: it curves like waves upon a sea

Undulate and moving hips,

Arabic music playing, drums beat.

Adorned in beauty from head to feet.

Family and friends...

they are all looking at me!

I hope my dancing never ends

as I set my soul free.

**Raqs Sharqi Dancer**

If you could see it then you'd understand - Coldplay

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