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Clear Skin pill?

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Hi guys.. Before going on any kind of medication, I really want to try eating better and taking some vitamins and seeing if it has any effect on me.. I read the post by SweetJade that re-capped all of the vitamins said to help with acne..

Have any of you guys tried this? It talks about co-enzyme A and B5 and some of the other vitamins listed in her post.

Do you guys suggest that I buy everything seperately or try to get it in one pill?

Also, I'm not planning on mega dosing on B5. I'll try different vitamins first, and then if that doesn't work, I'll try upping my B5 dose.

Frankly, all of the information and all of the Vitamins are a bit overwhelming and I want to narrow it down..

B5 seems like a must. Perhaps some Vitamin A would do some good. Zinc seems good too. Maybe I should just start off with that?

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