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I happened to come across this company that produces products containing this plant extract called Plantolin, sounded so interesting that I thought I might give it a go. What the hell, if it delivers half its promises it's still good. So I just received my tube of Plantolin skin blemish bio gel for acne relief from them (their called H bio-juven). It supposedly is new outside of Australia. Just wondered if anyone has had any experience at all with this product,haven't heard anybody talk about it so it does seem to be very new.

here is anyway some of the things they promise:

- Helps to clear acne, spots and similar skin infections

- Plantolin extract is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial

- This natural formula helps to smoothe and soothe as well as rebuild skin structure

- Promotes healthy skin

- Provides long term protection when used on a daily basis

take a look at their web site: or

Oh, yeah and this is no plug, or well I guess it is, but I'm definetly not gaining anything from it, just thought it sounded so interesting that some of you might be interested as well.

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