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Chinese Medicine -> Roaccutane ?

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I have had problems with acne since the age of 13 or so.

In my later years it kept getting worse, I tried minomycin and other anti-biotics

of this nature that did not help much - and in fact made my health a little worse.

I also suffered with stomach problems resulting in dhiarroea at least

once a week.

I am now 21. In the beginning of 2004 I decided to experiment

with chinese medicine. I went to the doctor and I must say - ALL my 'health'

problems such as stomach problems and weak immune system have gone.

HOWEVER ... my acne has definitely improved a lot than it used to be.

I used to get at least 5 BIG ones that would be on my face at a time.

Now, I usually have 1 mid-sized one at a time and say 4 smaller ones,

however they all hurt and 'inflame'.

I have really tried everything now ... my diet is 'perfect', I eat no fatty foods,

I have actually changed to a vegetarian diet now on which I feel stronger

and more calm than ever before.

I do not drink or smoke - I drink only water, nothing else.

And I feel perhaps it is time for me to try out roaccutane. I have MANY friends

who have used it. The only reason I never went into it was for fear of

mental damage (depression) or damage to my liver and kidney.

And having a very clear face is important to me - as I want to get into acting

and obviously you need a clear skin for working in the industry.

Over the years it has led to me losing a LOT of self-confidence when it

comes to women. In the sense that I couldn't look them directly in the eyes

for I felt that would be looking at my face.

I would like to know - since I no longer get acne on my body, and I no longer

have those HUGE 1cm in diameter but rather 1mm in diameter ones now (sometimes up to 3 mm) (these being white ones which I still have to press out once every 1-2 days so it is DEFINITELY still a 'problem'), can I take roaccutane still,

and would my dosage time be much less , such as 3 months only ?

I recall my close friend used to have very large ones 7-10 at a time and his

dosage was for 5 months. So I figured mine would be a lot less than that,

though I have heard it actually takes 2-3 months for roaccutane to actually

start WORKING. So perhaps there is a minimum of 3 months.

Help on these questions and advice would be GREATLY appreciated !

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