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Hey everyone,

I had to get this off my chest and if you can relate, please share.

I sometimes watch TV shows like Intervention and often, I’ll see someone who is a long-time heroin addict or crystal meth addict. AND THEIR SKIN IS F#C%ING PERFECT. And I get so pissed off!

Ok, I get it. They have problems. We all do. I’m not trying to say that I’d trade lives with them or that I wish anyone harm etc. Drugs like that are bad; it’s not rocket science. But I get furious when I see hard core junkies with perfect skin. 

And I’m not even sure why I get so mad. When I was younger I would watch tv ads for Clearasil with 15 year old models who have NEVER had a single zit, whining like “OMG Becky! A monster pimple and RIGHT before the prom!” 

Can anyone else relate to what I’m saying? Thanks for reading and have a lovely day

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HAHAHA that's hilarious I was watching a Vice interview with a meth addict this morning and I was literally thinking that.  How can this person do meth and have AIDS and still have better skin than me?  LMAO just goes to show you that skin almost completely genetics.  If you ever need someone to vent to feel free to message me :)

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