Perioral Dermatitis HELP!

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Hey guys,

So I have just had a flare up of what my dermatologist has confirmed as perioral dermatitis. I have recently suffered from this about 4 months ago except I had a cluster of red bumps/red rash next to my nose but this time around I have a white, flakey rash around my mouth. It is very very sore, feels super tight and burns/itches. Does anyone have any advice on what to do and how to treat it? My dermatologist prescribed me an erythromycin/cetaphil lotion (the antibiotic is mixed with cetaphil to help me tolerate it on my skin as its super sensitive) to put on it day and night. I know I can't take antibiotics orally as I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. I would love to hear your suggestions. I am very down about this and very self-conscious as well. 

Thank you in advance! 



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I see this was posted in September. I hope your condition has improved!!!! I know it took me months to see improvement. What has basically CURED my perioral dermatitis was VIOLET EXTRACT. From a herb pharm. Also, only use products on your face with no SLS. Unfortunately, cetaphil has SLS. So do many toothpastes. I use Tom’s!!! Also try to get your hands on Elidel cream if you can. This calms flare ups fast but again, a couple weeks (after 3) of Violet Extract use has really done the trick for me.

Congrats on your pregnancy! I know there is a hormonal aspect to PD. I developed PD, rosacea, and worsened hormonal acne all at the same time. Awful. I’m now about to start Spironolactone to hopefully finally get my hormones under control.


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