Scaley scars on only one side of face

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Hi everyone. I am 24 years old and I have been treated for acne since 4th grade. I’m finally to the point where my skin is clear enough for my derm to OK microneedling. After 3 treatments, my skin appears no different. 

On only the right side of my face (mostly cheek and jawline) I have small patches of raised, scaley, skin-colored scars. They feel very rough to the touch. I moisturize nightly and follow a spot treatment acne regime from my derm. 

Has anyone experienced this before? Why are they only on half of my face? What can I do to soften them (aside from needling). It makes me self conscious. 

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Could be all sorts of things, ... I Cannot guess. See a derm for a f2f examination. 

Steroid injections work for keloid scars and vascular laser for the color. CO2 may be used to break up the scar tissue. Use silicone patches nightly or silicone gel on them to see if they flatten before the above is tried. These sound like Keloids. See the FAQ for more info. 


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1. SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT THREADS                                                                 7. HYPERTROPHIC / KELOID (RAISED SCARS)
2. WHAT IS ACNE & PREVENTING SCARS                                                              8. SUBCISION
3. DIFFERENT TYPES OF SCARRING                                                                      
4. TREATING SCARS AT HOME                                                                              10. LASER
5. SKIN: RED (PIE) BROWN (PIH), WHITE MARKS,                                               11. MICRONEEDLING
     TEXTURE, LARGE PORES,  DRYNESS, & COVERING UP SCARS                    12. TCA CROSS FOR ICEPICK SCARS & ACID PEELS                       
6. PUNCH GRAFTING & EXCISION                                                                        13.

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