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Hey All,

Have finally found a skincare routine that makes my acne-prone skin beautiful, soft and am able to go out without any make-up on! I have been using The Ordinary products, which have research-backed actives in.

The two game-changers for me have been: AM: Niacinamide + Zinc to calm inflammation and PM: Lactic Acid 10% + HA and often the N + Z again. These two are an insane combination for my skin!

I also sometimes use Azelaic Acid in the morning, Salicylic Acid on any mild spots and the AHA + BHA peeling solution once a week. I haven't had any new acne since following this religiously. The products are so cheap also! I use a gentle REN cleanser.

I've used more expensive products with similar ingredients before but found them less effective (I think due to all the added ingredients - my skin seems to prefer simplicity!). I found glycolic acid and retinoid products slightly inflammatory for my acne - the above keep my skin calm.

What are your holy grail products?

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