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I'm currently Week 10 into accutane and my acne finally seems to be really calming down, touch wood.

Its left my skin with a lot of texture especially on my cheeks. I know accutane thins the skin so will these areas fill out when I am off accutane? Or will I need to see about some treatments?



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I don't really see many scars, and the very slightest texture issue. You could not worry about it...

When you are off of accutane wait 6 months and do a tca peel. Your skin will improve some with time as Accutane is still in your system. 

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2. WHAT IS ACNE & PREVENTING SCARS                                                              8. SUBCISION
3. DIFFERENT TYPES OF SCARRING                                                                      
4. TREATING SCARS AT HOME                                                                              10. LASER
5. SKIN: RED (PIE) BROWN (PIH), WHITE MARKS,                                               11. MICRONEEDLING
     TEXTURE, LARGE PORES,  DRYNESS, & COVERING UP SCARS                    12. TCA CROSS FOR ICEPICK SCARS & ACID PEELS                       
6. PUNCH GRAFTING & EXCISION                                                                        13.

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Yeah, what BA said.
Try to focus on the positive that your skin is clear! You’re in harsh sunlight here, and no one would look at you and think “acne scars” so consider yourself very lucky. Your skin looks very youthful, even and smooth, quite franky. I do think your skin will continue to smooth over time on its own, and if you want to do something topically (like a peel) later on, it may improve even more. Like BA said please wait a full 6 months post accutane before trying anything, and be very careful because your skin already looks so good. 

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